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Ah, so at this point it is all still contingent on some future action. I had thought the changes that were strictly accountability would not be made to wait.
Thanks for making this clear.
Still a good day, but a little bit less so.

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Hi Avri, 

Here is the language from the Resolution on the effective date:

"Resolved (2016.05.27.02), the New ICANN Bylaws will be deemed effective
upon the expiration the IANA Functions Contract between ICANN and NTIA.
The Board reaffirms its Resolution 2016.03.10.18, stating, 'The Board is
committed to working with the community to identify the portions of the
CCWG-Accountability recommendations that can be implemented in the event
that it is determined that ICANN's obligations to perform the IANA
Functions will remain under contract with NTIA.¹"

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>anyone know when they go into effect?
>On 27-May-16 14:44, Hillary Jett wrote:
>> Original link: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/new-icann-bylaws
>>   New ICANN Bylaws
>> *Author: Steve Crocker*
>> Today, on behalf of the ICANN Board, I am pleased to announce
>> the adoption
>> of
>> the new ICANN Bylaws
>> which reflect changes made as a result of the IANA Stewardship
>> Transition package of proposals
>> <https://www.icann.org/stewardship-accountability>. The new Bylaws are
>> the result of hundreds of hours of work by the community and the legal
>> teams. The Regional Internet Registries Service Level Agreement and
>> Internet Engineering Task Force Memorandum of Understanding
>> Supplemental Agreement have also been approved for signing and will go
>> into effect after the transition.
>> Later today, ICANN will be transmitting the new Bylaws to the U.S.
>> Department of Commerce¹s National Telecommunications and Information
>> Administration (NTIA). NTIA has previously stated that adoption of the
>> new Bylaws is required for them to complete their review of the
>> proposals, which is expected to occur in June.
>> This is an important milestone for ICANN and the community. As we
>> await the release of NTIA¹s report, we continue to prepare for
>> implementation of the transition proposals. We thank everyone for
>> their continued hard work and support during this transition process.
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