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Dear Eduardo,

Thanks for your comments. My comments inline

On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 2:15 PM, Eduardo Diaz
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> Please see my comments interlaced within your message. .
> Thanks.
> -ed
> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 2:03 AM, Dev Anand Teelucksingh <devtee at gmail.com>wrote:
>> The CROPP RT will comprise two members from each region, one member
>> being from the:
>> * ICANN At-Large Outreach Sub-committee (Outreach SC);
>> and one from the:
>> * ICANN At-Large Finance and Budget Sub-committee (FBSC).
> This committee is too large and volunteers very scarce. I propose to make
> it smaller with only Outreach SC members. FBSC members do not have too
> much relevance in CROPP since budget allocation for this program is almost
> pre-set at 5 trips per region.
The CROPP calls for 2 persons from each RALO to act as program
coordinators, so that is 10 persons already. Hence a RALO having 2 members
on the CROPP RT (one from outreach SC, one from FBSC) should be achievable.

>> The CROPP RT will therefore have 10 members.
>> Given that travel requests needs a minimum of two (2) weeks to be
>> processed by the CROPP RT plus six (6) weeks for the requests to be
>> processed by ICANN, RALO leaders in coordination with their members on
>> the Outreach SC should submit their outreach travel requests to the
>> CROPP RT eight (8) weeks before any such travel to an event for
>> outreach purposes.
> I suggest that we make aware all RAOS about CROPP sooner than later. We
> are getting close to the of the year. For January 2014  events (if there
> are any) people will have to submit the paperwork by mid November 2013.
Agreed. I do want to send the text by November 1 2013 to the RALOs.

>> RALOs and members of the Outreach SC should note the following before
>> submitting travel requests :
>> - The CROPP funding for any outreach travel allocation is limited to
>> transportation, lodging and a per diem for up to three (3) days, two
>> (2) nights ONLY per traveler.
>> - The CROPP does NOT fund items such as conference fees or visa fees
>> for any traveler.
> These fees should be included in the reimbursement otherwise we may be
> limiting the type of events that the region can go to

Unfortunately, with this pilot program, it is not included. I've mentioned
this in the GSE outreach call earlier today, but there is no mechanism
within the CROPP to get such funding for these and other such meeting
logistics (eg funds to operate a booth at a conference).

> .
>> - Travel requests cannot be used for travel to a regularly scheduled
>> ICANN Meeting.
>> -  If approved, travelers must prepare an complete post-event Trip
>> Assessment within three weeks after the return date which describes
>> how the original purpose(s) and outcome(s) of the Trip were realized.
>> This would be filed with ICANN by the CROPP RT as part of the CROPP
>> program.
>> Proposed Criterion
>> ----------------------------
>> The RALO Outreach Travel Request must include the following
>> information about the travel request :
>> - the purpose and goals of the travel request. The purpose and goal
>> should be consistent with any established ICANN regional engagement
>> strategy and/or ICANN's overall mission.
>> - the Proposed Outcomes. The Proposed Outcomes should be a clear,
>> deliverable that can be measured and documented.
> I am troubled by this. For example: The main thrust behind this pilot is
> to Outreach. So, I presume that one of the deliverables will be to provide
> Outreach results and I am not sure how you can measure and document that.
> It will be a good idea to create a template for an imaginary event with all
> blanks filled. The template can help RALOs in preparing the documentation
> required by CROPP.
Well possible examples of clear purposes and outcomes :
- a speaker/panellist representing ICANN At-Large to a diverse number of
persons that are (presumably) involved or interested in Internet
governance. A deliverable would be audio and video recordings of such an
event. If the profile of ICANN is raised further by reporting in the local
media (newspaper, radio, tv), then that's is also a clear additional
outcome that can be pointed to in the trip assessment.

- obtaining contact information from members of organisations that can join
ICANN At-Large. So if the event will have persons from organisations that
can be possible At-Large candidates, then a purpose will be to meet and
exchange information about ICANN At-Large with a specific number of
organisations. A deliverable will be to have such contact information of
possible organisations that can join At-Large. This information can be
followed up by the regional members of the Outreach SC to have a special
conference call (or join the RALO monthly call, etc) with those prospective
At-Large members. If they sign up immediately within 3 weeks, that would be
a great deliverable especially if from a country without At-Large

Anyone have other suggestions?

Dev Anand
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