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It may be the subcommittee. During B meeting the whole ALAC shall be involved being the model for full outreach.
 During Dublin I talked with AZIA related to DNS WOMEN to outreach women inside the region and in January will start contact some of the women he recommend to organize some outreach plan for DNS women. Those women certainly can be part of the attendants of any ALAC outreach activities.
 Merry Christmas to whom today is relevant date and good rest for all others!
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What is the exact day, I will be arriving on the 7th March probably I could get involved.

What is the date for this?


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Hello all,

I am following up on the discussion the ALT have just had on the
Outreach that is likely to happen in Marrakesh.
It appears that 4 hours have been cast aside, due to the new meetings
strategy designating Marrakesh as a "Meeting A", for the ALAC and
Regional Leaders to perform "outreach". This is course is a bit of a
vague word that could mean anything.

I have asked Aziz Hilali for an update on this. Baher Esmat and Pierre
Dandjinou have met with him and together they visited Rabat, Casablanca
and Marrakesh. They had a meeting with the Leadership of Marrakesh
University. As a result, it is expected that Pierre Dandjinou should be
signing an MoU with them to organise some Capacity Building / Outreach
sessions for students and staff alike.

Perhaps the ALAC should actively follow-up with Pierre to get this
organised ASAP. As for whether a full At-Large delegation or a sub-team
is needed, I'd suggest that we could have a sub-team that feels strongly
about Capacity building & Outreach. Perhaps that's a task for our own
Sub-Committee on outreach?

Kindest regards,

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