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Aris Ignacio arisignacio at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 15 13:56:15 UTC 2017

Hi Glenn!
Would love to volunteer.  I am planning to join the event as we have an approved workshop.  I am still looking for funding for the travel.  Thanks!

Yours truly,Aris Ignacio

On Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 9:17:04 PM GMT+8, Glenn McKnight <mcknight.glenn at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Folks
I got verification that  our  application for a ALAC-ATLARGE booth  at the IGF Geneva is verified
They provide a small table and signage and chairs in the small tradeshow booth 
Here is a picture which illustrates the size of the booth. 

Due to the small dimensions  its suitable for two volunteers per time slot that we will organize during the duration of the event from Dec 18th to 21st.   

I asked staff to set up a wiki and we can setup time slots for volunteers to signup.  Note in IGF Mexico we had 22 members attending the event.  If it's similar to this one we could see  one hour per day commitment .  Main times would be the morning, breaks and lunch to interact with the public.
We need to determine who will be attending the event.   As you all know some of the proposals were rejected as workshops and some of us are doing double or three sessions .
Can we determine who is planning to attend the  IGF Geneva?  Lets collect names and start populating the booth space table when it gets created
Glenn McKnight
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