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Vanda Scartezini vanda at scartezini.org
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Dear Colleagues
 Thank you Maritza for also circulate the information among LACRALO’s members.
 I have been invited by Janice, when she was the manager of this progrma, back  in Los Angeles during our F2F mediation meeting and as such, I have participate first exchange suggestions and then on the booth during Copenhagen and afterwards in Jo’burg F2F meeting during Saturday just before the event. During Jo’Burg I have also spend long time in the AFRALO booth interviewing women and had posted some responses on how they had their  "onboarding”  expereince in ICANN and which could be their suggestions.
After the event I have also suggested  some approaches for the program.
This time in ICANN 60, I had a chance to participate during the presence of Ergys and his group, now as head of this program, and had also the opportunity to exchange some points with him.
 I believe this is one of the most valuable programs inside ICANN since it is even harder than before to “boarding” ICANN by yourself without any help.
I would like  to put my name as Mentor for the community to decide – since with  my 17 years in ICANN in several different positions, I am sure I can help new comers to feel engaged and part of our community at ICANN from the very beginning.
Best regards,
Vanda Scartezini
Polo Consultores Associados
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01311-200- Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
Land Line: +55 11 3266.6253
Mobile: + 55 11 98181.1464
Sorry for any typos.

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Dear all,

Thank you very much for this valuable information. It would be great to have some more details before the next meting so we can circulate this info to our community members so they also can have the opportunity to participate in this interesting program.



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Hello everyone,

thanks for your responses both on the mailing list and by direct email. A common theme is that RALOs should be making the decision on choice of candidate. Another theme is that RALOs are pretty much ready to do that, so I now need to ask Ergys about next steps including:

1. assuming from his blog, that there is a next round, when is the next round starting - thus a timeline of next steps
2. how many mentors/mentees per ICANN community

I'll launch this discussion immediately on the onboarding list.
Kindest regards,


On 11/11/2017 18:06, Glenn McKnight wrote:
Thanks  Olivier

Since  ICANN 61 will be in Puerto Rico   the  participation of  NARALO membership would be a good  idea.  Alfredo Calderon has already commented on the  wiki page on  his suggestions for sharing resources and he would be an excellent choice for  NARALO to be involved.  He is th elead of r the  North American school of IG  to be held prior to the ICANN 61 event


Glenn McKnight
NARALO Secretariat
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skype  gmcknight
twitter gmcknight
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On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 12:45 AM, Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com<mailto:ocl at gih.com>> wrote:
FYI -- a follow-up summary for the onboarding program.

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Dear all,

I hope you've all had safe journeys back home and a chance to rest after a very busy and long ICANN60 meeting.

Many thanks again for a highly productive F2F session. The discussion and agreed-upon next steps are summarized in this blog post: https://www.icann.org/news/blog/community-onboarding-pilot-program-icann60-update

Please share with anyone who might have an interest in the program.


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