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Benedetta Rossi benedetta.rossi at icann.org
Thu Jun 7 09:42:35 UTC 2018

Dear all,

Thank you for your follow up and questions. As per the information provided on the call and the slides which I believe At-Large staff posted on the relevant wiki space, CROP is being reintroduced in FY19. The Board approved for a 50k allocation for CROP and Policy staff administering the program is currently working at updating the guidelines and the Wiki space accordingly.

The community will be updated as soon as more information is available and will receive an email regarding the launch of the CROP wiki space as per usual practice. This year this is slightly delayed due to the budget changes after the public comment process, but please rest assured that we are making this a priority and will communicate guidelines asap.

Please note that the focus will be ICANN public meetings and/or meetings with significant ICANN presence and organization in partnership with ICANN GSE VPs, especially in situations where a public meeting is not occurring in one of the RALO regions. We are therefore taking all these factors into account to ensure the program remains fair across the board and accessible to promote outreach activities

Due to the reduced envelope we don’t think full allocations will be allowed and are tentatively looking at reduced slots per RALO and GNSO constituencies for regional travel using these guidelines. No out of region options will be possible.

I hope this answers your current questions to develop your outreach strategies, unfortunately we aren’t able to provide anything further at this stage.

Benedetta Rossi
Manager, Policy Support & Community Services

On 7 Jun 2018, at 10:14, Maureen Hilyard <maureen.hilyard at gmail.com<mailto:maureen.hilyard at gmail.com>> wrote:

From what I understood from our meeting, there is no longer any CROP.

Each RALO will have $4000 each to use for train or bus travel or whatever else the RALO wants to use these funds for... but airfares, accommodation and per diems no longer fit, except in special circumstances.

Of course APRALO had been planning to use our CROP allocation to attend the regional Asia Pacific IGF in Vanuatu, the first one to be held in the Pacific that we have been planning for two years. And train or bus travel is going to be REALLY helpful (NOT!)  Getting even one person from anywhere in our region to attend this event under CROP would have easily used up that whole allocation (for airfares, accommodation, perdiems - the usual)  Even I live at the opposite end of the Pacific from Vanuatu and have to travel through two countries to get there (Cook Islands, NZ,  Australia, then Vanuatu). Satish and I have organised workshops.  And we only have two months to try to fundraise.

What to do - pay for it ourselves?

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 9:48 PM, Hadia Abdelsalam Mokhtar EL miniawi <Hadia at tra.gov.eg<mailto:Hadia at tra.gov.eg>> wrote:
+1 to more clarity on CROP trips approval and sponsorship


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Dear all , I second Glenn’s and Judiths’ questions since we need more clarity, as I also hve added to the chat during yesterday call.
Thanks a lot
Kisses to all

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Subject: [Alac-sc-outreach] CROP trips for RALO

Hi Mary and Benedetta

As per the call yesterday.  Myself and Judith asked direct questions on the  number of  CROP trips will be permitted per RALO, types of trips permitted and the guidelines of what is a  ICANN sponsored event as it pertains to CROP approved trips.

I am working on the  NARALO Outreach strategy and  I need clarification to complete the cornerstone of our efforts as to CROP

A few things we brought up on the call includes the importance of the  ARIN RIR relationship and their  two meetings a year as important  CROP trips.

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