[Alac-sc-outreach] ALAC O&E issues and activities during ICANN67

Natalia Filina filinafilka at gmail.com
Wed Jan 22 13:10:50 UTC 2020

Dear Raitme,
thanks for the great ideas and "sweet" information. Looking forward to
taste mexican candies and chocolate!

As for the photo-corner at the booth:
the booth is always a very popular place for photos of visitors. We have
discussed before how we can use it more effectively.
Your idea is great, but it requires budgets/preparation of materials for
realisations. I'm not sure do we have or don`t the time and the opportunity.

One of the ideas is to encourage visitors to take photos and publish them
with the hashtag *#AtLarge. *We may select winners (1/per day) and give
them a formal prize among those who made a publication in social media.
We don`t need anything for this, just to define the format and to organise
the process.

Natalia Filina

ср, 22 янв. 2020 г. в 00:41, Raitme Citterio <rcitterio at gmail.com>:

> Hi natalia
> I find the things you suggest right away interesting and valid.
> However, there are a couple of interesting ideas to explore
> 1) create a corner of the booth, a space to take pictures in the style of
> the World Cup, (using your team's shirt if some people take it) to recreate
> the atmosphere of the past World Cups.
> (so everyone gets their dose of soccer, without getting physically hurt)
> and a good souvenir photo.
> 2) About the chocolates. Mexico has excellent candies apart from chocolate
> (it is worth noting the great variety of candies that have spiciness, which
> could be a problem for some).
> But I think Mexican chocolate would be an excellent option, I know some of
> the organizing committee that are Mexican apart from lion to whom I could
> consult that candy would be interesting (both spicy and non-spicy)
> depending on the tastes of each participant.
> Raitme Citterio
> 4FE7 B994 C1CF 2815 at pgp
> El mar., 21 de ene. de 2020 a la(s) 10:28, Natalia Filina (
> filinafilka at gmail.com) escribió:
>> Dear Daniel, colleagues,
>> I am writing here (following our skype discussion) the suggestions for
>> O&E issues and activities at the At-Large booth at during ICANN67:
>> - the paperless rule (we can use available brochures)
>> - handout gifts (micro-sweet things are good (ICANN chocolate?-), maybe
>> stickers or badges if we have).
>> - I would like to suggest the adding paper postcards: a map of the Cancun
>> beaches (or picture) on the one side, the schedule of ALAC sessions +
>> social events during ICANN67 on the other side.
>> - a little banner/paper with QR code (we had this at the IGF, it works
>> great!)
>> - we need to prepare for our booth-guests the form to fill out (Doodle?).
>> People interested in joining or receiving additional information directly
>> from the leaders of the relevant RALO (the form includes minimum questions:
>> name, country, affiliation to the stakeholder group, detected the interests
>> in joining ICANN, email, GDPR note).
>> - The Flash session on one of the day of the week. It's important to
>> include it in ICANN/ALAC schedule. The session can be combined with the
>> Fellowship Coordinator Siranush (or it can be separate session for
>> newcomers and next gen people)  and under the leadership of LACRALO Board.
>> I suggest to create a list of "what we gonna do" on the wiki page with
>> our activities after the approving (in the form of a table with
>> comments/details and responsible persons).
>> There will also be the great ideas from Alfredo (tickets for the film
>> from Jonathan and an invitation to the session of Jonathan, who will tell
>> (at the booth?) about the work of CPWG.
>> I kindly ask you to comment and continue the list if there is a need and
>> ideas (I'm sure there are!)
>> Sincerely,
>> Natalia Filina
>> Secretary of EURALO
>> https://atlarge.icann.org/alses/euralo
>> https://individualusers.org/
>> Member of ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement
>> Officer of SIG IoT (ISOC)
>> +7 906 722 54 61
>> Moscow, Russian Federation
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