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Brian Cute briancute at afilias.info
Wed May 12 14:01:31 UTC 2010



From: Alice Jansen [mailto:alice.jansen at icann.org] 
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Cc: Manal Ismail
Subject: Posting reports from last week


Hi Brian,


Thank you for email.


1)      I am currently proofreading my report of the second day and intend
to send all reports to the RT tonight. Please know that as requested by the
RT I have produced very detailed and thorough minutes. However I do think
that it would useful for me if you could please provide me your feedback
before formal submission to the WG as I may edit or delete if you believe
the level of details is too high. To this end I am attaching the minutes of
the first public session for you to review.

2)      The IT team has encountered a problem with the recording file #4
that was corrupted. They managed to retrieve data and to send it to me
yesterday. As I was listening to it, I noticed that a portion of the
discussion had been wiped off and thus informed IT. Fortunately we have a
backup recording which will allow to recover the data. This however, will
require additional work from the RT and the recording #4 will be published
on Friday as a result. All other recordings should be published today MdR
time. My apologies for this delay but I initially thought we had better wait
until all recordings were ready. Given that the clock is ticking and in
consideration of the community's reaction, I have sent a request today for
posting of other recordings.

3)      I should receive the documents Doug announced staff would share with
the RT soon.

4)      I am still waiting for Declarations of Interest of some RT Members;
all of them will be published at once as soon as I get the full package.

5)      As regards the phone directory, reminders are to be sent.

6)      Feel free to send documents, presentations, reports you would like
to publish online - I will arrange for posting accordingly. If I am not
mistaken a bullet-point list of all actions taken and required has been
prepared by the Team - could you provide me this list so that it can be
published, as well? 

7)      I circulated a Doodle poll for the F2F meeting in Egypt last
week-end following Cheryl's email. 


Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have further questions or


Thank you


Best regards





Alice E. Jansen



Assistant, Organizational Reviews

alice.jansen at icann.org

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Skype: alice_jansen_icann


6, Rond Point Schuman

B-1040 Brussels, Belgium


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