[AT-Review] Draft work schedule

Brian Cute briancute at afilias.info
Thu May 27 04:01:13 UTC 2010



Attached is a proposed work schedule for discussion on tomorrow's call.  The
proposed schedule is primarily focused on the Management Assessment and
review of case studies from the ICANN Community and ICANN.  If the
Management Assessment is to conclude before our September meeting, that
would create a very compressed timeframe for the assessor.  The proposed
work schedule would extend the Management Assessment work until the end of
October and call for a mid-term report from the assessor.  It would also
create a parallel track for review based on feedback (hopefully a case study
or two) from the ICANN community and ICANN coming out of the Brussels
meetings.  Let's try to establish a work schedule during tomorrow's call.
We should also establish a regular RT call schedule (every other week?) to
avoid delay and difficulty of doing repeating Doodle polls.




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