[atrt2] Meeting in Beijing

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Feb 22 23:18:04 UTC 2013

To kick off the discussion, Since a large number of our group will be 
in Beijing, I don't think that we can afford not to meet there. We 
are starting far later than originally planned, but still trying to 
make the original deadline of 31-Dec. I think a 2nd face-to-face 
meeting near the start of our work is valuable, so it is either 
Beijing, or moving the entire group to somewhere else very close (in 
time) to the Beijing meeting.

If we are looking for two days (which seems reasonable to me), there 
seem to be several potential options from the two days preceding the 
start of many meetings (Fri Apr 4, Sat Apr 5) and the three days 
after (Fri Apr 12, Sat Apr 13, Sun Apr 14). Note that some of us are 
scheduled for other meetings on Sat, Apr 5 (I am), but probably not 
enough to rule out that day.

If we were to meet only after the ICANN week, my inclination would be 
to make it Sat-Sun to give people just a bit of time to clear their 
minds and get ready.

So the options seems to be:

a) 4, 5 (Before)
b) 12, 13 (After with no break)
c) 13, 14 (After with a break)
d) 5, 12 (Split with no break)
e) 5, 13 (Split with a break)

I can live with any of these options but have a preference for a or c.


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