[atrt2] Open Archive

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Fri Mar 1 03:36:55 UTC 2013


I have been attending the WSIS+10 / IGF meeting in Paris this week.  In a panel on WGIG+8, I spoke of the AOC and especially the ATRT as among the improvements that had been seen in Internet governance since the WGIG Report.

During that talk, I spoke of the ATRT function in the ICANN system and included mention of the transparency of the groups. Since then I have been asked whether our email archives are open, one of the hallmarks of a transparent group.  I have assumed so, but don't know.  We spoke of it, but I am ot sure where the discussion ended up.  Are they, and what URL can I give people?



* acronyms
WSIS - World Summit on the Information Society
IGF - Interent Governance Forum
WGIG - Working Group on Internet Governance

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