[atrt2] Questions for Public Comment

Brian Cute bcute at pir.org
Sat Mar 30 01:37:28 UTC 2013

Larry, Carlos and Avri,

I have accepted your suggested edits and draw your attention to two
remaining questions:

Paragraph regarding AoC 9.1(b): question #6 in the document.  Carlos
clarified that the questions focus on the GAC.  Therefore, the substance
of the question is not redundant with question #4. I made one edit and ask
for final views on this question.

Paragraph regarding AoC 9.1(e): question #15 in the document.  Avri, I
made a suggested edit in an attempt to answer Larry's request for
clarification.  Is my edit consistent with the intent of your question and
does it add clarity?

Please weigh in as soon as possible so we can get this document to Staff
for publication to the Community.  Thank you.



On 3/29/13 1:23 PM, "Larry Strickling" <LStrickling at ntia.doc.gov> wrote:

>Some suggested edits and comments.  I accepted all of Brian's changes and
>then edited from there.
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>For Larry, Carlos and Avri,
>Please review the edited version of the Questions for Public Comment.  I
>have tried to organize the questions under specific headings as suggested
>by Olivier.  Please provide a rapid response with final edits to the
>document as I would like to provide the final version to ICANN Staff for
>translation and posting as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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