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Brian Cute bcute at pir.org
Sat Mar 30 13:00:16 UTC 2013


I added your question re: the PDP.  Upon further review, the question on
Improving Accountability and Transparency near the end of the document is
drafted as a "catch all."  I revised it to add the word "questions" that
the ATRT2 should be reviewing.  Does that sufficiently capture the
question your were trying to pose?


I edited question #10 to read "ICANN" instead of "ICANN community."  Is
that consistent with your intent?

I would like this to be the last revision so we can get the questions
published.  Please respond rapidly.


On 3/30/13 8:04 AM, "Avri Doria" <avri at ella.com> wrote:

>On 30 Mar 2013, at 00:20, Brian Cute wrote:
>> Avri,
>> Leaving out the last question was an oversight.
>> I can insert it in the
>> final version.  
>> Is the edit to your question re: Staff and the PDP
>> satisfactory or do you have a proposed construction?
>Does the following (or some variant) work?
>What is your assessment of ICANN Staff adherence to the policy decisions
>of the ICANN Policy Development Process in its operational activities.
>Has ICANN Staff been accountable to the ICANN community in its activities?
>Can you give examples of where ICANN Staff has restricted its
>decision-making to the boundaries set by the Policy Development
>Processes?  Can you give examples where ICANN Staff has gone beyond the
>ICANN Community Policy Development Process to either make new policy or
>replace existing policy without Community development process or
>consultation?  Are there specific accountability issues the ATRT2 should
>explore related to ICANN Staff's interactions with the Community Policy
>Development Process?
>>  Thanks.
>> Brian
>> On 3/29/13 10:40 PM, "Avril Doria" <avri at acm.org> wrote:
>>> hi,
>>> I was not able to open what I received, but I was able to pull it from
>>> the archive.
>>> Re 9.1 (e)
>>> "
>>> To what extent has ICANN Staff been bound its decision-making by the
>>> ICANn Policy Development Process?
>>> "
>>> "
>>> To what extent has ICANN Staff been accountable in its decision-making?
>>> "
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