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Tue May 28 11:47:16 UTC 2013

Dear ATRT2 members,

Mark Carvel, the UK's GAC represetnative is planning a trainning session
with Commonwelath countries for Durban and I want to share with you some
ideas we have exchanged on a structured apporach for government outreach.
Back in San Jose we did a one day meetings for Latin Internet Policy makers
with both, ICANNs and ISOCs Boards. And we plan to repeat the training for
Buenos Aires.

I guess some of our team members can add a lot to a Commonwealth Governmets
Meeting in Durban.

Best regards
Carlos Raul

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Subject: Fwd: [GAC] Durban Planning and Preparation
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From: Mark Carvell <mhcarvell at yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 2013/5/28
Subject: Re: [GAC] Durban Planning and Preparation
To: Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez <carlosraulg at gmail.com>
Cc: "gac at icann.org" <gac at icann.org>, Heather Dryden <Heather.Dryden at ic.gc.ca>,
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 Dear Carlos

Thanks and yes very happy for you to share this in order to coordinate the
outreach. I haven't finalised my thinking about the agenda for the
Commonwealth session in Durban but this will likely include sharing views
on and contributions to the ATRT2 review from the
Commonwealth's perspective on Internet governance and development in
particular, as well as an overview of the role of governments in ICANN and
GAC working methods. I'm also hoping the Commonwealth Telecommunications
Organisation (CTO) will be able to attend this meeting as GAC observer
having spoken about this recently to their Corporate Secretary, Lasantha de
Alwis . I'll keep you informed.

Best regards


  *From:* Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez <carlosraulg at gmail.com>
*To:* Mark Carvell <mhcarvell at yahoo.co.uk>
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gacsec at gac.icann.org>; gac at icann.org
*Sent:* Tuesday, 28 May 2013, 1:41

*Subject:* Re: [GAC] Durban Planning and Preparation

 Re: Outreach to Governments

Dear Mark,

   - I fully support your initiative to directly contact Governments which
   are not participating in GAC for the time being. Particularly a public
   meeting in Africa is the right time to reach out for absent African

   - Also within ATRT2 there is great interest in contacting Governments to
   get feedback on the Accountability and Transparency process. But if they
   are still many  Governments which are not even participating in GAC we
   cannot expect a substantial feedback.

   - Last but not least, also last week just across the street in Geneva,
   ICANN Chairman of the Board, its CEO and his advisors on international
   relations, where holding bilateral meetings with delegations to ITUs
   WTPF13. I was myself invited to one with my Vice Minister and I tried to
   focus on the particular case of our ccTLD and its impact on our local
   ecosystem. Neither GAC nor ITU on the agenda.

In other words, Governments is too large a subject in terms of ICANN:  it
is not always the same the Telecom Minister participating in ITU
conferences, to the representatives to GAC, to the local institutions
dealing with domestic internet issues like country codes and IXPs or in
other international Fora like WYSIS or IGF.

In this new and welcomed efforts to develop a good international face to
ICANN, I think a good dose of coordination and strategic approach is
necessary between Board, GAC and Staff in terms of outreach efforts, so not
to frighten away some good candidates for GAC participation. And I hope you
don´t mind me sharing this message with the other members of ATRT2 of which
heather and myself are part, but please confirm before I do it.

Best regards

 Carlos Raúl Gutierrez
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 Carlos Raúl Gutierrez
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 El 27/05/2013, a las 17:35, Mark Carvell <mhcarvell at yahoo.co.uk> escribió:


Thanks and yes I agree an early and open meeting with the NGTLDBPC in
Durban would be wise (please forgive the approximate but I hope
appropriately all-encompassing stab at yet another ICANN acronym which I
fear I will never be able to remember correctly).

*Non-GAC members *

By the way, at the recent WSIS Forum in Geneva I happened to meet with
representatives from Lesotho and I'm minded to invite them and
representatives from other Commonwealth African states which are not
members of the GAC, such as The Gambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Sierra Leone
and Zambia, to join a Commonwealth GAC open session in Durban. Perhaps we
could bear this session in mind when finalising the GAC schedule. Zimbabwe
is another non-GAC member but they withdrew from the Commonwealth in 2003
and I do not have any contacts.

I also spoke to a representative of Djibouti in Geneva and will follow up
about GAC membership. It would also be timely to reach out to Sudan and
South Sudan about membership; maybe colleagues in neighbouring states have

Best regards


  Mark Carvell

United Kingdom Representative on the GAC

*From:* "Heather.Dryden at ic.gc.ca" <Heather.Dryden at ic.gc.ca>
*To:* mhcarvell at yahoo.co.uk; gacsec at gac.icann.org; gac at icann.org
*Sent:* Monday, 27 May 2013, 21:56
*Subject:* RE: [GAC] Durban Planning and Preparation


 To give you a sense of the the current state of thinking, you are correct
that the Board/gTLD Committee has not raised the prospect of scheduling
additional days outside the usual GAC schedule for Board/GAC exchanges or
consultations.  My expectation is that any additional meetings with the
gTLD Committee about the GAC's Beijing gTLD advice would be scheduled near
the beginning of the GAC's regular schedule.  For example, on Sunday, July
14, which would then allow the GAC to meet and prepare in advance on the
Saturday.  There would also still be the usual time slot for a Board/GAC
exchange at the end of day on the Tuesday.


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*To:* GAC Secretariat; gac at icann.org
*Subject:* Re: [GAC] Durban Planning and Preparation

  Many thanks, Jeannie, for confirming the dates. There has been some
speculation about a possible two-day Board-GAC meeting specifically on
implementation and clarification of the new GTLDs advice, to be held before
the start of the GAC meeting, i.e. 11-12 July.  So we can now take it that
that speculation is not sourced on Board thinking and we can therefore
disregard it and book our travel to arrive in time for Saturday 13th.

best regards


Mark Carvell

United Kingdom Representative on the GAC

  *From:* GAC Secretariat <gacsec at gac.icann.org>
*To:* "gac at icann.org" <gac at icann.org>
*Sent:* Friday, 24 May 2013, 23:16
*Subject:* [GAC] Durban Planning and Preparation

 Dear GAC,

As we are getting closer to the GAC meetings in Durban, South Africa please
note the following information to assist in your planning.

The GAC will start meeting at 14:00 on Saturday 13 July. There is a
possibility that a capacity building session for interested GAC members may
take place on 13 July at 10:30 before the regular GAC meetings being that

The GAC will meet on its regular schedule, Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday,
 Wednesday and the morning of Thursday in Durban. On Thursday morning the
GAC will have a briefing from Architelos regarding the Domain name market.
This session was tentatively scheduled for Beijing, and was postponed  in
order for the GAC to complete its work on GAC Safeguard Advice.  There will
be an opportunity for the GAC to compile questions for Architelos and
comments on the agenda items and topics to be covered during this briefing.

In order to assist with logistics and meeting planning if you plan to
attend the GAC meetings either in person or remotely please indicate this
by filling out the form on the GAC website here:

*Setting the GAC Agenda *

A draft agenda will be circulated to the GAC ahead of the agenda-setting
calls that will take place at the times below.  Once the availability of
interpretation has been scheduled and confirmed, dial information for the
interpretation will be circulated. These calls will also be recorded and
transcribed and recordings and transcriptions will be posted to the GAC

If you need a dial out for either call please contact
gacsec at gac.icann.organd specify which call you would like to attend
and two phone numbers the
operator can reach you at at the specified time.

Best regards,

Jeannie Ellers

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