[atrt2] Criteria for review of Board resolutions

Fiona Alexander FAlexander at ntia.doc.gov
Fri Aug 16 21:41:23 UTC 2013

Below is what we have begun the review with.  Please let us know if there are other criteria to consider.

Review of the ICANN Board Resolutions on three (3) overarching criteria in order to determine the quality of such decisions and whether they make sense to ordinary citizens not heavily involved in the ICANN process:

1.	Does the Board provide a clear explanation of its decision? Are there substantive actions to be taken to further improve the ICANN process?
2.	Does the Board provide a clear and reasonable rationale for its decision? Is that rationale easy to understand to an ICANN outsider?
3.	Does the Board provide an explanation of how it took into consideration public comments (if any)? If comments were considered, how did they affect the decision?

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