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Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez Gutiérrez carlosraul.gutierrez at sutel.go.cr
Fri Aug 16 22:05:47 UTC 2013

Just one comment: as I looked trough the Reconsideration process, there was
a preliminary recommendation by the BGC before there was a finale
resolution. so my question is if we want to look into the timelag between
staff/committe recommendation, actual resolution, and final publication so
we get a *time horizon of the whole process*

But this is a suggestion only.

thank you
Carlos Raul

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2013/8/16 Fiona Alexander <FAlexander at ntia.doc.gov>

> Below is what we have begun the review with.  Please let us know if there
> are other criteria to consider.
> Review of the ICANN Board Resolutions on three (3) overarching criteria in
> order to determine the quality of such decisions and whether they make
> sense to ordinary citizens not heavily involved in the ICANN process:
> 1.      Does the Board provide a clear explanation of its decision? Are
> there substantive actions to be taken to further improve the ICANN process?
> 2.      Does the Board provide a clear and reasonable rationale for its
> decision? Is that rationale easy to understand to an ICANN outsider?
> 3.      Does the Board provide an explanation of how it took into
> consideration public comments (if any)? If comments were considered, how
> did they affect the decision?
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