[atrt2] On the question of the Board requesting the GAC dothings

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Thanks for posting further comments on this following the call.  

Steve, I think you're on the right track with the HLM, the role of the GAC and the host government, in carrying it out.  The Board is also a critical partner and facilitator.  Avri is also correct to remind us about the formal link to the Board as laid out in the AoC.


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On 21 Sep 2013, at 21:56, Steve Crocker wrote:

> Perhaps it would be appropriate for the GAC to take on the task of convening high level meetings.  If so, the ATRT2 could address its recommendation to the GAC.  I don't think ATRT2 recommendations have to be addressed solely to the Board.

That is a good question.

Can the ATRT address any of the AC/SO?

AOC 9.1 speaks of ATRT informing the Board and the of the Board taking actions.

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