[atrt2] Summary of WHOIS RT Rec Impl for body of report.

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Fri Oct 11 15:12:16 UTC 2013

Steve, the statement was not meant to imply that it was a conscious 
Board decision to prioritize the EWG over the RT Rec, thus the phrase 
"reinforced this PERCEPTION".

The fact that there was this perception among many is fact. We have 
comments that said just that (and a number of personal discussions 
both prior to and during ATRT), and even one who was grateful that 
the EWG was going to consider the RT Recs as part of their mandate. 
And the wording in the SSAC report DID imply to many that they were 
saying do this before the RT Recs. Both Patrick and James (in private 
conversation) acknowledged that it could be read that way, but left it as is.

Can you suggest wording that keep the meaning without implying that 
the Board meant to give this impression.


At 11/10/2013 01:31 AM, Steve Crocker wrote:
>Alan, et al,
>This seems like a pretty good summary.  I have taken exception to 
>one passage, which I've highlighted and added a comment.
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