[atrt2] Prioritization Doodle Poll

Avri Doria avri at acm.org
Thu Dec 19 13:14:53 UTC 2013


I had a family issue yesterday, am just catching up now, and missed 
doing the poll, but I too am very against the prioritization effort and 
have spoken against it every time it was brought up.

Additionally with only 5 group members having done the poll it seems as 
though we do not have consensus on even doing such a poll.  As for the 
claim that the team decided to do the poll, I remember it more as a 
executive decision, the team was not able to reach closure so there was 
a decision to do it and see what happened. Yes we have members of the 
team who favor prioritization and a few comments favoring the idea, but 
most team members have seemed resistant to the idea, and at least as 
many comments spoke against prioritization as spoke in favor of it 
(anecdotal impression, I did not count the instances in meetings and 

Personally, I see no way in which we will reach consensus on any 
prioritization scheme.  Also, I do not quite understand where the push 
for prioritization comes from given the low degree of support the idea 
has gotten over the last 6 months.


On 19-Dec-13 05:16, Lise Fuhr wrote:
> Hi Olivier,
> Yes we discussed it but I am still against prioritization – so I filled
> the Doodle with a plus to every subject since I think all our
> recommendations should be equally important. I think saying no to all
> recommendations in the Doodle would be to say none is important, so…..
> Best,
> Lise

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