[bc-gnso] BC Minority Position re STI Initial Report

Phil Corwin pcorwin at butera-andrews.com
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As noted previously, ICA respectfully dissents from the BC minority position.
I am at a Congressional hearing right now but will provide a fuller rationale later today.
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Wondering how soon we can send this to Margie. The STI report goes to Council any moment.


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I support the BC Minority Position as attached with only one small edit.

Page 2, What does a Match Mean?
2nd Sentence....
However, he STI recommends   <-- should it be “the STI recommends”?

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Attached please find the Minority Statement that Zahid and I have drafted, based upon the earlier consensus document agreed by the BC, further comments from Members during this STI process, and our own negotiation and participation efforts within the STI team.

I also include Zahid’s version 1.0, which I have edited drastically due to focus, length and repetition.  He has not had a chance to review my version 2.0 yet, either, as he is hopefully asleep right now.

Margie, this is tentative, subject to modification upon formal review of our membership, but Zahid and I believe it represents consensus of the BC.  We ask you to please hold it, and do not submit the Initial Report to the Council, until at least 3pm PST today, to allow our members the chance to offer comments to me and Zahid, for possible further editing today.


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