[bc-gnso] Finding Common Ground Between Markholders and Legitimate Domain Registrants

Rick Anderson RAnderson at interborder.ca
Tue Jul 7 03:00:48 UTC 2009


This is not my favourite GK idea of all time.  

However, I do think the motivation is well-placed: how do we nurture the innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and competition inherent in new TLDs and new registries and new models, while not saddling TMholders with the infinite costs of protecting their trademarks in an endless parade of TLDs.  Figure that out, George, and we shall be away to the races.

What I see wrong in this notion - at least as described here - is that it probably encourages tasting, squatting, speculation as much as it assists TMholders.  The unintended effect of subsidizing these activities is not a great plan.

As well, what actually makes sense with these secondary TM registrations is to point them at the primary site (rather than to leave them to non-resolve).  That's a better user experience, and if the holder has to go to the effort of registering them (a bigger cost really than the reg cost), whatever traffic they may generate may as well find its destination.

But I do agree with your premises, just not this particular tactic....


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Hi folks,

Any rational reading of the IRT comments archive demonstrates deep
divisions between TM holders and the broader public, in particular
domain name registrants:


So, I thought it might be a good idea to try to find common ground
between the two sides. Since we continue to lack a true
cross-constituency GNSO mailing list, we'll have to do the best we can
with those on both sides represented in our own constituency.

Here's the first of several ideas that I'd like to "test", to see
whether they have the support of folks here:

1) Registry fees should be lower for domains that do no resolve (i.e.
have no nameservers). Since TM holders register a large number of
domains only for defensive purposes, they waste considerable sums on
domain names they simply do not really want to own or use. Conceivably
abusive registrants would benefit by being able to register larger
numbers of domains too at lower cost --- however, they'd be unable to
actually USE these domains, since the names do not resolve.

Please respond with "yes", "no", "maybe" and perhaps an explanation of
why you feel the way you do about the idea.

Perhaps we can queue up other ideas from both sides, and after
devoting a day or two or three to each idea (in separate threads), be
able to come up with a package of solutions that has strong consensus
support (even unanimous support) that we can bring to other


George Kirikos

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