[bc-gnso] Ballot for a new BC Charter

Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
Wed Oct 14 08:22:24 UTC 2009

I add my voice to the call for more work to be done on the charter revisions
before any vote is taken.


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Before we all go ahead and force a vote, it seems that enough substantive
and process concerns have been raised about the draft to reconsider the next
steps.  On process alone, the seven day turnaround time will not work well
for many companies and especially for associations who need to consult with
their members.   On substance, it seems that the most productive task at
this point would be to work on a more streamlined, neutral charter.


Also, can someone explain the timing of when (if at all) the BC may
eventually merge into a larger constituency?  



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Subject: [bc-gnso] Ballot for a new BC Charter

Dear Members


Ballot on revised BC Charter


At the request of the BC Officers and with reference to the message below, I
have today opened a 7-day voting period for the newly revised BC Charter. 


A majority approval vote means the new Charter will be adopted. A majority
non-approval vote means the Charter will not be adopted.


A ballot form is attached. Each member organisation has one vote. The vote
should be placed by the principle BC contact for the membership organsiation
or by notified proxy. I will apply weighted voting when I receive your
ballot form. All ballots will be acknowledged.


The voting period closes at midnight in your time zone on Monday 19 October
2009. Ballots cannot be accepted after this time.


Best wishes




We would like to ask all members to cast their vote in favour of the
attached revised BC Charter.

A definitive PDF version is attached.

A Word version showing recent track changes is also provided for


The Charter accommodates necessary changes for the re-structured GNSO in
which the stakeholder groups provide representatives to the GNSO council.

As such the BC will move from a situation in which its three GNSO
representatives were also BC Officers, to a separation of these roles.

There will be a new executive committee with a chair and two vice-chairs in
addition to the two representatives to the GNSO Council.

The Charter also includes other changes recommended by members and ICANN
staff based on learning since the last Charter.

The officers have done their best to accommodate all member perspectives
given the diversity of those perspectives.

The Board has requested Constituencies complete work on Charter revision by


Zahid Jamil

Mike Rodenbaugh

Philip Sheppard


BC Officers

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