[bc-gnso] FW: DRAFT Charter for BC/based on staff iniital draft

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Tue Oct 20 12:42:56 UTC 2009

this looks great to me.  a bit of the old, a bit of the new and a  
strong emphasis on "transitional" so that we can resolve some of the  
issues when we're not under quite so much time pressure.  i support  
this approach.

thanks for all the hard work Marilyn.  especially given the medical  
issues.  that really sounds dreadful -- your draft is a great  
demonstration of your commitment to the BC.


On Oct 19, 2009, at 4:47 PM, Marilyn Cade wrote:

> Dear BC members
> I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to Rob Hoggarth,  
> ICANN staff on other topics, and learned that the ICANN staff  
> forwarded a 'minimal' charter mark up document to the BC officers in  
> August, 2009. I've posted as BC_Charter-revisions... etc.
> At that time, this document represented the minimal changes to meet  
> the ICANN Board expectations for changes.
> However, the BC membership has expressed an interest in having a  
> significant change in organizational structure.
> The BC officers, and some members worked on a signficant rewrite of  
> the existing Charter and that was presented for a vote, and then,  
> withdrawn in recognition of the members concerns.
> The status is that the membership do not support holding a vote on  
> the extremely detailed version of the BC Charter that was presented.
> Nevertheless, the Charter that was developed in the BC officer  
> process included a significant modification that most members  
> support -- the creation of a executive committee.
> After exploring the staff developed 'minimal mark up' version, I  
> took the BC officer developed version, extracted the section on new  
> organizational structure, and added in some enhancements, according  
> to what I have 'discerned' from the BC list exchanges.
> The new draft that I present, as a BC member, has the following  
> characteristics:
> a six month life cycle
> a distributed accountability and leadership approach
> recognition of the key role of the policy councilors and a longer  
> term to their roles
> freezing any payment of dues while the membership works out what is  
> reasonable and sustainable
> None of the controversial issues of sanctioning or 'disciplining'  
> members is dealt with, since that deserves broader and longer term  
> discussion. so the status quo exists for any such actions.
> The Credentials Committee remains in place, but for six months, with  
> renewal as is, for a next term of 1 1/2 years.
> there is a new CSG representative role in the new executive  
> committee, since the reality is that everyone will be extremely  
> busy, and the BC deserves to have all players able to devote their  
> time to their respective roles. The '6 month officers' will be  
> consumed with overseeing the development of a full charter.
> I don't expect this to be perfect, but it uses the existing charter  
> as a basis, provides 'mark up', makes only those changes that seem  
> to have 'rough agreement' by various posting BC members, and creates  
> a path forward.
> I have cc' Rob Hoggarth, since I am using a document that I  
> requested from him.
> I would like to propose a BC membership discussion on the list, and  
> as appropriate, a 'remote participation' in Seoul.
> I understand that all of the BC councilors are funded to travel to  
> Seoul, including Philip Sheppard, outgoing BC councilor, so we can  
> count on all to be fully available to the membership.
> It would be useful to hold a BC meeting to discuss any outstanding  
> issues on Saturday or Sunday evening in Seoul/your very early a.m.  
> in DC, and mid day in Europe.
> Please let's use the medium to see if we can find commonality on a  
> draft Charter -- so that a discussion would be a good use of  
> everyone's time.
> I apologize for a delay in sending a marked up version. I was  
> unfortunately in an emergency room for many hours, due to the  
> recurrence of a serious neck injury, and unable to use my left leg  
> and arm for several hours. That was a shock, medically, and  
> personally, but I'm rebounding, due to the miracle of pain  
> medication and steroids!!! I wouldn't be boring you with this news,  
> if I didn't feel so bad to be so late in sending in a detailed draft  
> charter.
> <BC Charter - Staff changes from August - additions from Councilors  
> version with mark up and edits-3.doc><BC_Charter-Revisions_3C5CFE.doc>

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