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I think there may be some typos' in my reference to CSG in a place or two. SORRY if so. I was taking very heavy medication but am over it and now able to remember to use spellcheck!  If there is a three letter all caps reference that seems to be about the CSG but uses some other letters, please just understand I made an error and 'substitute' CSG in your mind for that error! 
I would welcome feedback from any BC members -- this is intended to build on other work that has been churning around, and to give a possible path forward -- with a 'transitional' approach. 
It is important to discuss this on the list, and have some sense of where we all are before traveling to Seoul, if we can. 
I leave Thursday at noon, so am pushing others to consider posting their thoughts. It would be helpful to the BC overall to have at least a general sense of the members that can be a 'rough consensus' on how the BC will proceed. 
That will enable everyone to work together productively and pragmatically, and professionally throughout Seoul meeting. It would be good to identify a follow up date before Seoul that we could plan toward a conference call discussion.
I am traveling from Seoul to another international meeting, but could commit to a call on Monday, November 9. 

to the Secretariat:Gary, can you update us on who will be attending from BC? I recallthe earlier list, but it didn't have Chris Martin, one of the two reps to the NomComm, whom I would assume is attending? Also, it didn't have Chuck Warren, Overstock, whom I believe is attending. Are we going to have some attendees that are designated by associations as well? It would be helpful to get a full /current update. 

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this looks great to me.  a bit of the old, a bit of the new and a strong emphasis on "transitional" so that we can resolve some of the issues when we're not under quite so much time pressure.  i support this approach.
thanks for all the hard work Marilyn.  especially given the medical issues.  that really sounds dreadful -- your draft is a great demonstration of your commitment to the BC.

On Oct 19, 2009, at 4:47 PM, Marilyn Cade wrote:
Dear BC members
I was fortunate to have the opportunity to talk to Rob Hoggarth, ICANN staff on other topics, and learned that the ICANN staff forwarded a 'minimal' charter mark up document to the BC officers in August, 2009. I've posted as BC_Charter-revisions... etc.
At that time, this document represented the minimal changes to meet the ICANN Board expectations for changes.However, the BC membership has expressed an interest in having a significant change in organizational structure.
The BC officers, and some members worked on a signficant rewrite of the existing Charter and that was presented for a vote, and then, withdrawn in recognition of the members concerns. 
The status is that the membership do not support holding a vote on the extremely detailed version of the BC Charter that was presented.
Nevertheless, the Charter that was developed in the BC officer process included a significant modification that most members support -- the creation of a executive committee.
After exploring the staff developed 'minimal mark up' version, I took the BC officer developed version, extracted the section on new organizational structure, and added in some enhancements, according to what I have 'discerned' from the BC list exchanges. 
The new draft that I present, as a BC member, has the following characteristics:
a six month life cyclea distributed accountability and leadership approachrecognition of the key role of the policy councilors and a longer term to their rolesfreezing any payment of dues while the membership works out what is reasonable and sustainable
None of the controversial issues of sanctioning or 'disciplining' members is dealt with, since that deserves broader and longer term discussion. so the status quo exists for any such actions.
The Credentials Committee remains in place, but for six months, with renewal as is, for a next term of 1 1/2 years.
there is a new CSG representative role in the new executive committee, since the reality is that everyone will be extremely busy, and the BC deserves to have all players able to devote their time to their respective roles. The '6 month officers' will be consumed with overseeing the development of a full charter. 
I don't expect this to be perfect, but it uses the existing charter as a basis, provides 'mark up', makes only those changes that seem to have 'rough agreement' by various posting BC members, and creates a path forward.
I have cc' Rob Hoggarth, since I am using a document that I requested from him. 
I would like to propose a BC membership discussion on the list, and as appropriate, a 'remote participation' in Seoul.
I understand that all of the BC councilors are funded to travel to Seoul, including Philip Sheppard, outgoing BC councilor, so we can count on all to be fully available to the membership.  
It would be useful to hold a BC meeting to discuss any outstanding issues on Saturday or Sunday evening in Seoul/your very early a.m. in DC, and mid day in Europe.
Please let's use the medium to see if we can find commonality on a draft Charter -- so that a discussion would be a good use of everyone's time. 
I apologize for a delay in sending a marked up version. I was unfortunately in an emergency room for many hours, due to the recurrence of a serious neck injury, and unable to use my left leg and arm for several hours. That was a shock, medically, and personally, but I'm rebounding, due to the miracle of pain medication and steroids!!! I wouldn't be boring you with this news, if I didn't feel so bad to be so late in sending in a detailed draft charter. 

<BC Charter - Staff changes from August - additions from Councilors version with mark up and edits-3.doc><BC_Charter-Revisions_3C5CFE.doc>
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