[bc-gnso] M O'Connor: Revised BC Charter - discussion and vote

Phil Corwin pcorwin at butera-andrews.com
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I'd like to second (or third, whatever) the suggestion for sharing a redline of the draft so we can easily see where changes have been made, and scheduling a BC call as soon as feasible to have a discussion. There are aspects of the proposed charter that either concern me or raise questions and it would be good to have a full and frank dialogue as, after all, the constituency will be operating under the revised charter for a long time.

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thanks for putting that charter draft together.  it's grown a bit  
since the last time i looked at it. :-)

i'd like to support Marilyn Cade and George Kirikos and request that we

a) slow the process down

b) have a constituency conference call

c) start circulating a marked up version, or have some other mechanism  
whereby we can debate each section (i like George's "bite-sized"  
approach to the conversation)

d) move out into the sunlight and put this conversation on the public  

i too am concerned about some of the changes that have made their way  
into this draft and would like to see a healthy debate before we vote  
the document up or down.


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