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Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 4 13:34:59 UTC 2009

I see that the officers have decided to open nominations for candidates who are from companies, associations, or someone demonstrably associated/affiliated to the BC that is from a large business, or an association that serves and represents large businesses [or businesses of all sizes]. 
While I provide advice, strategy, and consulting to large businesses, I understand that I and other BC members who are in the SME category are not eligible to stand for this seat.  That is clearly the past practice of the BC, in all our previous appointment/elections for the two Nominating Committee seats, and I had thought that it was in written guidance in the Charter/which serves as the BC bylaws. I strongly support maintaining the two separate categories, since that is the legitimacy upon which the two seats -- while others get only one -- is based on. Important, in my view, to ensure that we do not jeopardize the BC having these two distinct seats in the Nominating Committee. 
Accordingly, I will send a separate email to the Secretariat, with a nomination of someone who fits the large business requirement. 
Thanks to the Officers and secretariat for moving forward.  

From: secretariat at bizconst.org
To: bc-gnso at icann.org
Subject: [bc-gnso] Nominating Committee - Large Business nominations
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 09:36:11 +0200

Dear Members
Nominating Committee, 2009-2010 (Large 
The nomination period for election to the 
Nominating Committee 2009-2010 (Large Business) opens today, Friday 
4 September 2009 and closes at midnight in your time zone 
on Thursday 10 September 2009. Nominations cannot be 
accepted outside of these dates.
1. Nominations for candidates should 
be made by a paid-up member of the BC nominating ONE candidate. Candidates 
can be either a paid-up member of the BC or someone who is demonstrably 
associated/affiliated to the BC. This association/affiliation must 
be explained clearly by the candidate in his or her election 
2. All candidates will need to be nominated, even 
if they have previously stated an interest in standing for a place, 
are restanding or have stood for election before.
3. Nominations should be sent to the BC secretariat 
at the secretariat mail address. 
4. The BC Secretariat acts as officer for this 

After the closure of the nomination period an 
election will take place from 12-18 September 2009. I will send 
a further e-mail regarding this with voting instructions.
For further information about the Nominating 
Committee please see:

Gary Hills
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