[bc-gnso] Nominating Committee - Large Business nominations

Philip Sheppard philip.sheppard at aim.be
Fri Sep 4 14:04:56 UTC 2009

you raise an interesting question about what qualities the Nom Com are seeking.
As you rightly said earlier the BC was given by default the large business seat
and I worked to demonstrate that actually we were equally entitled to a small
business seat due to our extensive associations membership at the time. Today we
also have more small business direct members.
The nom com charter tells us:
"The NomCom member is expected to do his/her best to find the highest-qualified
candidates for consideration by the NomCom, and to do his/her best to encourage
those individuals to serve".  ie the qualities are a personal network and

The Nom Com is comprised of individuals drawn from a pool of different ICANN
It seems therefore that the key rationale between the small business seat and
the large business seat is the ability of the nom com member to have an
appropriate network. 
It is likely that an employee of  say a global multinational may have a better
network of global multinational contacts than an employee of a national focused
medium size company.
But it is possible that other types of members may have access to networks in a
variety of ways that serve the purpose of the nom com. I wonder if we may miss
out on selecting the best talent if we are too simplistic in equating current
employment background with personal network.
Anyway it will be for the voters of the BC membership to make that judgement -
not you nor I.

Just my pennyworth.


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