[bc-gnso] PEDNAR (post expiration domain name recovery) PDP needs a constituency statement from us

Mike O'Connor mike at haven2.com
Tue Sep 22 20:03:10 UTC 2009

just a process update, we're just wrapping up the PEDNAR call right  
now and it looks like only 2 constituencies got statements in on  
time.  so we all have a 2-week "dog ate the homework" extension.

Berry Cobb is pulling together a call among the BC members on the  
PEDNAR working group (Berry, Mike, Phil Corwin, me) to hammer on this  
and figure out a process to get something by you for review.  Palage  
is off to a great start with this post.


On Sep 22, 2009, at 2:52 PM, Michael D. Palage wrote:

> Philip/Mike R,
> In the interest of preserving the BC position on this topic, I can  
> also
> report that the registry constituency will be submitting a comment  
> after the
> close of the formal comment period. Therefore, if we did submit a late
> response we would not be alone.
> I would like to submit the following statement for consideration to  
> the
> group, friendly amendments welcomed.
> While the Business Constituency supports competition and innovation  
> within
> the marketplace, these principles should not compromise the rights of
> registrants with regard to open, transparent and predicable practices
> concerning expiring domain names. The Business Constituency would  
> like to
> thank ICANN staff for their support of the PEDNR Working Group to  
> date. Two
> staff members that have provided critical support to date are Marika
> Konings, who will be overseeing a registrar survey to provide a more
> accurate picture of the expiring domain name market and William  
> McKelligott,
> an Auditor from the ICANN Contractual Compliance Team, for his work in
> accessing registrar compliance with regard to the Expired Domain  
> Deletion
> Policy (EDDP).
> While the BC will await these survey results and other additional fact
> finding prior to formulating a more detailed position statement,  
> there is
> one important point that the BC would like to make at this time in
> connection with the accuracy of Whois data. The BC has long  
> advocated in
> support of increased accuracy of whois data. The preliminary work of  
> the
> Work Group appears to indicate that registrar practices in  
> connection with
> the transfer of domain names post expiration may result in  
> inaccurate whois
> data that may materially impact a trademark owners right to enforce  
> their
> rights through the UDRP.
> The BC apologizes for the untimely submission of this comment, but its
> members and leadership look forward to meaningfully participating in  
> the
> upcoming forum at the ICANN annual meeting in Seoul.
> Best regards,
> Michael
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> Michael,
> you are I agree.
> I believe it IS an issue but regret the inaction to date by other BC
> members.
> Why could you not have spent the time writing your last e-mail by  
> drafting a
> BC
> position?
> Philip

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