[bc-gnso] where are we at on a new charter?

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 25 12:59:16 UTC 2009

Mike, thanks so much. I have some different changes, but like much of what you've done. 
One area I had flagged as a real concern was the subjectivity with which a member could be expelled. We need to avoid subjectivity. Also, frankly, we can't ask for the kind of solidarity for members that we ask for for elected reps, whomever they are. 
Associations can't pledge to this kind of solidarity, nor can major corporations. And as an SME, I can't, either. I may be in a minority position, and according to ICANN's bylaws, my minority position can be documented and included in the final reports. This seems to say that I would be bound to advocate against my minority position, because I am a BC member. I would think that would simply be that officers and elected policy councilors are bound by solidarity, and that members have to factually describe the 'official BC position, but can state that they individually were not in agreement. 
I'm wondering how USCIB, or TechAmerica or ICC would be able to pledge to that requirement. That is worth a bit more discussion, but when I send such language to outside counsel, I get waves of 'caution'. ;-) 
I will try to make some suggestions re mark up this week end. To summarize, I'd like to cut out the VC for outreach, or whatever that term was completely, and have a VC for Adm/operations, put the treasurer functions under that VC, and have outreach a committee function, not a 'VC' function. Also the Cred. Committee cannot be engaged in outreach and recruitment. :-)
Positions should be elected wherever possible, but we need to be fairer about the nomination and election processes to enable more people who are new to the organization to gain visibility and get engaged. :-) We can do that by having two week nomination periods, with actual conf. calls to 'meet the candidates', not just written statements. 

They are the 'cops', not the recruiters. We should have a committee of members who have materials and can all do outreach to their respective communities for joining the BC. that committee can report to the Chair. This will build membership that are interested in ICANN overall, as well as in policy in the GNSO. The VC of Policy is GNSO policy related. 
The participation in the CSG couldl be the VC Adm/Operations, with the chair as alternate. The Policy VC will have plenty to do related to the GNSO POlicy Council and the internal support to policy development processes, WGs, etc. etc. 

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> Subject: [bc-gnso] where are we at on a new charter?
> Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 07:27:06 -0500
> hi all,
> i've incorporated a few comments on the charter-draft into this new  
> version.
> so where are we at on approving a new charter?  don't we need to keep  
> pushing forward on this?
> mikey
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