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Thank you for the information Philip. I will not be able to
attend the Seoul meeting as it coincides with a WITSA meeting
in Bermuda -halfway the other side of the world. I will however
follow the developments keenly.

Kind Regards,
On Wed, 30 Sep 2009 09:59 +0200, "Philip Sheppard"
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we are proposing the following draft agendas for the Seoul

Any comments, additions or deletions are welcome on the list or
latest our call next week.



CSG breakfast with Board

Topic 1 - new TLDs, outcome of IRT recommendations and proposed
anti-malicious conduct provisions

Topic 2 - JPA and ICANN oversight


1. Outcome IRT recommendations and proposed
anti-malicious conduct provisions  - invite Kurt ?

2. R&R separation and other competitive issues - do we have a
joint view?

3. Admin: How do we work towards policy and other coordination
within the CSG?


1. New Charter and functioning of exec comm: do we have enough

2. How to address the fact that larger BC members are not
contributing to an archived e-mail list

3. Policy: progress on anti-abuse mechanisms

4. Follow -up on CSG/Board topics

5. New secretariat and possible ICANN services

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