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Fri Jan 1 17:26:11 UTC 2010

Dear BC Colleagues
As we enter 2010, I wanted to communicate with BC members to declare my interest in standing for election for the chair of the BC. I would appreciate your consideration but ask that all communications regarding this topic be sent, for now, until the nomination process opens, " off list" to marilynscade at hotmail.com, so that we don't overburden the list with campaigning. My intent in posting this announcement is merely to let you know of my interest and to ask that you consider my interest, once the nomination process opens. 
==========================================================================Background: I am expecting that we will hear soon that elections will open in early January, and so it seems timely to let you know of my interest, and why I am interested in being chair of the BC.  I am not trying to create an online campaign, so ask that you merely note my interest, and that you send any direct communications regarding my interest, or any questions off list to my email at marilynscade at hotmail.com
We have benefitted from hard work and dedication of our councilors and officers, and of our secretariat, Gary Hills, but as we all know, with the BC's new charter, there is a new approach to governance/leadership of the BC in 2010, providing for separate administrative/management officers, with four new officers who are standing for election early in 2010, to then join the existing policy councilors - Mike Rodenbaugh and Zahid Jamil, who together will form the new Executive Committee for the Business and Commercial Users Constituency (BC).  The BC chair role is essentially a coordinating role, with specific expertise in other activites -- policy coordination and finance/operations -- given over to other elected officers, and a new specifically designated role for a CSG representative.    Position interested in: I am interested in being elected as chair of the BC. 
During 2010, there is important work to be done by the chair of the BC.  This will be a vitally important year for the new structure of the BC, and a very important time to work out, as well, how to expand and broaden membership of the BC, as well as how the BC works with other constituencies on key topics of priority interests to its members. We will also be working with other members of the Commercial Users Group (CSG) during this year; there will be a designated elected position to provide that interaction with other CSG reps from the IPC and ISPCP.  The BC members will have much to consider during this year, both organizationally and structurally, as well as their ongoing focus on policy issues, which will rest in the new Policy V.Chair and the two policy councilors. 

I know that BC companies, and other potential BC members often have broad interests as well in such topics as the strategic plan, Internet security and stability, and topics such as Board improvement.  The chair can help to identify and support the BC's appropriate attention to those broader issues and perspectives that will make the BC a highly respected voice in the macro issues that affect ICANN, while supporting the work of other elected officers/and members, by helping to ensure that there are resources and attention focused on the key policy activities of the BC. 

If elected chair, I would expect to work collaboratively with the other members of the Executive Committee; to advance as much transparency as possible on decision  making and planning, and to undertake a focus on business outreach for strengthening the membership and participation of the BC within ICANN.  
Once there is an official election process, I am interested in being nominated and standing for election to the BC chair.
But I would welcome your feedback in the meantime and any questions that you may have, which should be sent to my email off list  at marilynscade at hotmail.com.  I don't think that we should turn the BC list into a debate about candidates, but do believe that announcing interest is an appropriate use of the BC list.   
As a short version of my statement of conflicts/interests, I do not represent any companies who are registries or registries or who are registry applicants, and in fact, do not represent any companies within the BC or within ICANN. My company -- mCADE LLC/ICT Strategies -- provides advisory services focused on Internet governance activities, Internet security and stability, and advising commercial enterprises on the activities of intergovernmental and international organizations that are of relevance to businesses. 

Marilyn Cade + 1  202 360 1196  or   + 1 202 251 6787
email:  marilynscade at hotmail.com

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