[bc-gnso] Propose that the BC support GAC process comments on EOI

HASSAN Ayesha ayesha.hassan at iccwbo.org
Wed Jan 27 12:19:26 UTC 2010

Dear colleagues,

Attached please find ICC task force Chair and Vice Chair's informal
comments on the draft EoI proposal. It has been submitted to ICANN
today, and it urges public discussion on the proposal at the ICANN
Nairobi meeting. 
Thus, it is consistent with Steve's proposed comment from the BC.

Kind regards,

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Comments are due today.  We don't have time for a formal vote on a BC
position on the EOI, so ours would have to be a consensus comment.

Would everyone support a simple statement along these lines?

Before the Board votes on whether to proceed with the EOI, it should
resolve the ambiguity about what the EOI is designed to accomplish.  Is
EOI just a data gathering exercise, or is it a mandatory

Once we understand that threshold question, the community can address
details of the EOI plan, in a brief public comment period followed by
discussions in Nairobi.

--Steve DelBianco

On 1/27/10 4:32 AM, "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard at aim.be> wrote:

> The GAC have submitted a proposal on process. In effect it asks the
Board to
> delay a decision until after debate in Nairobi.
> I would like to suggest that the BC supports this.
> Please let me have your opinion today as public comments close today !
> ---------------------------
> The full text of the GAC advice is on the comments list but the
> process
> advice is as follows:
> "the GAC therefore advises the Board to:
> -      avoid taking a decision on the EoI at its February meeting and
> it until the next ICANN Public meeting. A premature decision could
> requests for reconsideration and further derail the discussion;
> -      request that staff facilitate a full cross-community
deliberation on
> the EoI at the next ICANN Public meeting, prior to any final
decisions; and
> -      ensure that the second summary of comments clearly documents
> respective interests of respondents."
> Philip 

Steve DelBianco
Executive Director
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