[bc-gnso] DAGv4 Public Comment Period ends in 8-days

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.         DAGv4 Comment - I wish I could contribute, but I have not had the
time to deep-dive in to v4.  Therefore I am not a good candidate to assist
in write-up.  My personal opinion at this point is that we are very close to
a final draft, without detailed consideration for the topics Ron brought up

.         ITRP Comment - I have been involved with this WG, but not to the
degree that Mikey has.  I will happily assist in a BC position write-up, but
I must first lean on Mikey.  (sorry Mikey, I know you are in the throes of

.         PEDNER - I have also been very active with this WG.  To share the
workload, I will take lead on developing a position paper.  There are a few
recommendations that I feel it will be important for the BC to support, but
far from all recommendations that are offered in the latest initial report.
Many recommendation will most likely become "best practices."  The biggest
recommendation for us to support will be a possible consensus policy on the
RGP (Redemption Grace Period).  More to come.


Thank you!  B



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Dear all,


I wanted to bring to the attention of the BC members that the DAGv4 Public
Comment period is coming to a close Wednesday, in one week (July 21st).


We commented on four aspects in our post regarding DAGv3 (found here:
http://forum.icann.org/lists/3gtld-guide/msg00147.html ), to whit: 


.         ICANN Staff Recommendations for Rights Protection Mechanisms


.         Translations of Strings from ASCII to Other Scripts or Languages 


.         Revised Comparative Evaluation Scoring 


.         Market Differentiation Between New gTLDs


While I do not know (and would like to hear from others that are better
informed) what happened with regard to our first issue, RPMs, I do know that
our other three comments were wholly ignored by staff.


I would submit to the members that we need to repost our comments with some
stronger language to ensure that staff hear and react to the BC's concerns.
Whatever happens, we have one week to submit our comments.




Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff


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subject says it all.  IRTP-B is in public-comments.  does the BC have a





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