[bc-gnso] ICANN CSG Meeting - ATRT Questions

Marilyn Cade mscade at cox.net
Thu Jun 17 11:21:21 UTC 2010

Dear BC Members, The ATRT has asked that we have these questions handy  
as a resource document during the CSG meeting.
I am attaching it for your convenience and note that there will not be  
copies in the meeting room.  You may want to print out
a copy and bring it with you if you are attending in person. It will  
be posted in the Adobe Room.

A reminder that the agenda is posted on the ICANN website. Stay tuned  
for any changed in timing which may happen due
to on ground changes. We will try to minimize them, recognizing that  
it is inconvenient to you to have meeting start times shift.

Marilyn Cade
BC Chair

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