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Dear Colleagues
I am asked to forward the GNSO Council's proposal for "protocol" for the Saturday and Sunday meetings. I invite you to review and take note of the Council's proposed protocol, which they have developed, and are distributing.
We will also put the discussion of input from the SG, and the constituency on improvements to organizing and planning Saturday and Sunday meetings that are relevant to the BC's interests, and the SGs, on our agenda for the upcoming Constituency Daymeetings. 
Marilyn CadeBC Chair


Please find a brief GNSO Meeting Protocol for the upcoming
meetings here in Brussels.


in GNSO Working Sessions is open to everyone.


GNSO working sessions are not official Council meetings and no Council
decisions are taken.


and the Policy staff responsible for presenting will have assigned seats with name
cards around the U shape table. Other community participants are invited to be
seated in the seats provided for the audience.


are invited to speak first to the various topics. 


participants will then have an opportunity to speak. Speakers should be placed
in the queue in order of their request.


chair will determine the length of time each speaker is allowed so that the
session can finish on time.


number of times that one person can speak will be limited in order to give the
entire audience an opportunity to express themselves and allow for diversity of
different language speakers.



Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you.

Kind regards,


Glen de
Saint Géry


gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org




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