[bc-gnso] BC position draft -- Working Group Guidelines

Berry Cobb berrycobb at infinityportals.com
Tue Mar 2 03:22:04 UTC 2010


Thank you for driving this.

I support the proposed changes as outlined, especially lines 110+.  My only
suggestion is that it would be helpful to have a high-level flow chart to
accompany WG Guidelines.  Do you know if this is a pending deliverable for
that team?

Thank you.

Berry A. Cobb
Infinity Portals LLC

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hi all,

i've volunteered to be the rapporteur for our comments on the GNSO
Working-Group Guidelines.  our comments are due by March 22nd so we only
have about a week to review/edit this draft before we're in our 2-week
approval window.  my apologies for that -- i just plain ran out of daylight.
i've attached a draft version of our comments for your review.  if folks
could give this a quick read and get edits back to me before the end of the
day on Friday i will turn around a final draft for distribution next Monday,
two weeks in advance of the submission deadline.

here's a link to the announcement and the draft guidelines:




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