[bc-gnso] Working Group Guidelines -- withdrawing the draft

Christopher Martin cgmartin at uscib.org
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Hi Mikey.  Unless you've gotten some more personal emails with probs, I'm not sure there's massive disagreement about the draft - just seemed there was worry about the line on Chairs not being on drafting teams, and some other items like Ron's.  Could we still submit the draft without that language, and you could possibly submit that and any other personal considerations in addendum as personal comments?

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hi all,

given the lateness of the hour (2 days before the filing deadline) and the depth of disagreements expressed about the draft, i am withdrawing it and will submit it as a personal comment rather than that of the BC.  

i'm disappointed that we couldn't have had this discussion several weeks ago.  i think we need to tune up our policy-development process so that we avoid this kind of train wreck in the future.



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