[bc-gnso] FW: Audiocast details and Agenda for 28 October GNSO Council Meeting

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Thank you, Chair, for sending this on.  I am planning to listen in to hear
the discussion about Items 4 Voting Procedures and 5 Declaration of Interest
as I am a member of the WT that worked on those procedures.  


There are a lot of issues on the agenda that I am sure members would like to
get, or give, input on, as was discussed at the BC Washington meeting
earlier this month.  I understood from those discussions that regularly
scheduled member calls were a welcome way forward and that they would take
place prior to council calls in order for members to give our councilors
direction on how the constituency feels about the various agenda items.  I
recognize that it is probably too short notice for the October 28th GNSO
Council Meeting, but can you and Steve please let us know your thoughts on
where we go from here?


Thank you,


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff



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Dear BC members: Here's the link to the audiocast for the next Council
meeting. /along with agenda.
As committed some time ago, I will forward notices of relevance that are
forwarded to me, as chair, to the BC members, since many of you may wish to
particpate by listening to the audiocast for particular subject areas.
Some on this list are a high priority to the BC.  
Marilyn Cade
BC Chair

http://stream.icann.org:8000/gnso.m3u  Meeting Time 20:00 UTC; 13:00 PDT;
15:00 CDT; 16:00 EST; 17:00 Buenos Aires; 17:00 Brazil; 22:00 CET; 24:00

Here's the meeting agenda.  (I would expect discussion of items 1-2 and 4-6
to be particularly esoteric.) 

Item 1: Administrative matters (15 minutes)

1.1 Roll call of Council members and polling for Disclosures of Interest

• Per the GNSO Operating Procedures, Section 5.4, we are required to poll
Councilors regarding “any direct or indirect interests that may affect a
Relevant Party’s judgment on an issue that is under review, consideration,
or discussion” in this meeting.
Here is the definition provided in the procedures:

“Disclosure of Interest: Relevant to a specific issue at a specific time. A
written statement made by a Relevant Party of direct and indirect interests
that may be commercial (e.g. monetary payment) or non-commercial (e.g.
non-tangible benefit such as publicity, political or academic visibility)
and may affect, or be perceived to affect, the Relevant Party's judgment on
a specific issue.”

The main issues for this meeting are

*	GNSO Prioritization 
*	Whois Study #3 - WHOIS Privacy and Proxy Abuse 
*	Voting Procedures when Councilors are absent &/or must abstain 
*	Disclosure of Interest Procedures 

1.2 Update any statements of interest

Note that a revised SoI <http://council/soi/davis-soi-19oct10-en.htm>  was
received from Terry Davis.

1.3 Review/amend agenda

1.4. Note the status of minutes for the previous Council meeting per the
GNSO Operating Procedures:
• 7 October 2010 meeting minutes
<http://mailing-lists/archives/council/msg09798.html> – Scheduled for
approval on 28 October 2010.

Item 2: GNSO Project Prioritization (20 minutes)

2.1 Refer to posted project ratings
ary-07oct10-en.pdf> :

2.2 Key points made in the 15 July Council meeting (from meeting minutes):

• “. . . not a useful exercise, not much was learnt, should not proceed
further with the prioritization exercise.”
• “. . . spending more time on the exercise will not accomplish useful
• “It was a difficult exercise, policy matters were not prioritized and the
core issue, management of the workload, still has not been resolved.”
• “The exercise was intended as a first step and not intended to solve the
workload management; other steps are needed. The exercise contributed an
important degree of common awareness and dissent to the group.”
• “The prioritization process could be improved with further input from the
Councilors and stakeholder groups.”
• “The exercise is important and informative from a staff perspective and
the Council needs to look at a two-step process going forward: step one -
form a small team to improve the process used to date drawing on input
received; step two - develop a process to manage the workload with input
from staff of the resources being used to support each of the working
groups, which will reflect both staff and community efforts.”
• “Support was expressed for continuing the prioritization work, but linking
it to the overall ICANN Staff and Community workload and to the Budget
• “The question of available resources should be looked at in context. The
Vertical Integration working group as an example of one that would not
normally have commenced with all the work before Council, yet it did and the
community resources were available.”
• “Some believe that work should be prioritized but the methodology chosen
is not the most appropriate or efficient.”

2.3 Next Steps

• Staff Utilization Analysis (Liz Gasster)
Refer to:


• Results of Adobe Connect Poll regarding possible next steps:

o Option 1: Spend no more time on prioritization - 5 votes (33%) 
o Option 2: Develop a plan for using the results to manage the workload in
the near term - 2 votes (13%) 
o Option 3: Form a drafting team with the task of developing a new process -
0 votes (0%) 
o Option 4: Form a drafting team with the task of improving the process - 1
vote (7%) 
o Option 5: Other? (including combinations of options 2, 3, and or 4) - 7
votes (47%)

• Discussion?
• Action Items

Item 3: Whois Study #3 - WHOIS Privacy and Proxy Abuse (15 minutes)

Refer to: The Abuse Study Staff Analysis

3.1 Status Report (Liz Gasster)


3.2 Discussion

3.3 Next steps?

Item 4: Voting Procedures when Councilors are absent &/or must abstain (25

Refer to:

1) Abstention Notification Form (online): http://gnso.icann.org/node/14119
2) Voting Remedies Procedural Map:

4.1 Overview (Ken Bour, Staff; Ray Fassett, GNSO Council Operations Work
Team (GCOT) Chair)

4.2 Discussion

4.3 Report from Operations Steering Committee/ GNSO Council Operations Work
Team (OSC/GCOT) (Philip Sheppard, OSC Chair; Ray Fassett)

4.4 Next steps?

Item 5: Disclosure of Interest Procedures (15 minutes)

5.1 Report from OSC/GCOT (Philip Sheppard, Ray Fassett)

5.2 Discussion

5.3 Next steps?

Item 6: Planning for Cartagena Meetings (15 minutes)

6.1 Overview of plans/schedule (Stéphane Van Gelder, Glen de Saint Géry)

6.2 Next steps?

Item 7: Status of Continued Action Items (10 Minutes)

7.1 Drafting team for draft DNS-CERT/SSR WG charter (Chuck Gomes)

7.2 Standing committee to monitor GNSO Improvements implementation (Glen de
Saint Géry)

• Volunteers to date: Wolf-Ulrich Knoben (ISCPC), Tatyana Khramtsova (RrSG),
Ray Fassett (RySG), Avri Doria (NCSG), Rudi Vansnick (NCSG), Philip Sheppard
• Feedback from Steering Committees (Rob Hoggarth)
• Question raised regarding GNSO Operating Procedures: Should the concerns
about the newly approved disclosure of interest requirements be dealt with
by the OSC & GCOT or by the standing committee?
• Next steps? Charter?

7.3 Progress of House/SG Elections

• Councilors
• Chair & Vice Chair Nominations
• NCA Assignments

7.4 Whois Studies

• Refer to redline version of Proxy/Privacy Reveal study (Study 4) RFP at


• Status of Whois Studies (Liz Gasster)

/correspondence/presentation-whois-studies-oct10-en.pdfFinal Report on
Proposals for Improvements to the Registrar
Accreditation Agreement 





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