[bc-gnso] BC Policy Calendar, for discussion on BC Conf Call Friday 10-Sep-2010

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Thanks for the Council report, Mike.

Looks like the BC had its way on all 3 votes today, which is pretty good for an ‘uneventful’ meeting.

On 9/8/10 1:31 PM, "Mike Rodenbaugh" <icann at rodenbaugh.com> wrote:

Thanks Steve.  I can’t make the BC call tomorrow because of the short notice.  Since there is so little advance notice and so little on the agenda of much interest to many members, I suspect most members will not attend.  But I am happy to answer questions on or off the list about anything before the Council or otherwise on tomorrow’s agenda.

Here also is a link to the Council’s Pending Project List, which in turn contains links to everything the Council is involved in.


In today’s meeting:

•        the Council approved the WHOIS “misuse” study as we requested

·        the Council approved the slate of Review Team candidates as we requested, not including the late proposed addition from the NCSG

·        the Council approved that the Vertical Integration report be sent to the Board in advance of its retreat later this month, which we supported

·        the Council approved the motion to create a ‘community working group’ to advise ICANN wrt to the new gTLD recommendation re Morality and Public Order

Another rather uneventful Council meeting, very little substance to report.  I do not expect that to change much until after the Board retreat, if there are any resolutions from it.


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To:       BC Members
From:   Steve DelBianco, vice chair for policy coordination

The attached pdf is an updated policy calendar for discussion on Friday’s BC member call.  Dial-in details will be sent separately.

Highlighted item:  there is a GNSO Council meeting tomorrow, and the relevant agenda items are described below.

Upcoming discussions & votes at 8-Sep GNSO Council meeting:
Full agenda and links at http://gnso.icann.org/meetings/agenda-council-08sep10-en.htm

Item 2. Vote on GNSO endorsements for members of SSR & Whois review teams.
CSG has endorsed BC members Jeff Brueggeman for SSR and Susan Kawaguchi for Whois.
Discuss whether to add candidates to improve diversity; adding alternates.
Vote on motion to endorse the GNSO slate

Item 3. Vote on whether to proceed with Whois study #1.  Registries have amended the motion drafted by the BC.

Item 4. Vote on whether to submit the current Vertical Integration progress report to the Board for consideration at their 13-Sep retreat.

Item 5.  Discuss suggested improvements for Council meetings

Item 6.  Discuss Council interactions with the Board

Item 7.  Vote on motion to form a cross-community working group to provide guidance to ICANN new gTLD Implementation Team and ICANN Board, regarding TLD strings that contravene generally-accepted legal norms relating to morality and public order, as recognized under international principles of law.

Item 8: Status of Continued Action Items
Registration Abuse Policies WG Recommendations Action Plan
Drafting team for draft DNS-CERT/SSR WG charter
Standing committee to monitor GNSO Improvements implementation
Prioritization of GNSO Projects

Steve DelBianco
Executive Director
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