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For information - an EU initiative. 
PS (FP7) is a public funding scheme.


From: Roger Torrenti [mailto:roger.torrenti at paradiso-fp7.eu] 
Sent: Monday, September 20, 2010 11:44 AM
Subject: [all] PARADISO latest developments

Dear all,
As most of you certainly know, the PARADISO initiative developed by the Club of
Rome and Sigma Orionis, and supported by the European Commission under FP7, aims
at analysing the interaction between Internet and societal developments and at
deriving recommendations on research to be developed under FP8. I am happy today
to provide you, below, with latest news on PARADISO activities. We count on your
involvement in upcoming activities. Do not hesitate to contact us for any
questions you may have or information you may need.
Kind regards.
Roger Torrenti 
Coordinator of the PARADISO2 FP7 FIRE project

Meet us at the ICT event (Brussels, Sept. 27-29)

*	PARADISO will be strongly involved in the ICT 2010 conference and
(http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/events/ict/2010/index_en.htm): PARADISO
will benefit from a big stand in the central part of the exhibition area and is
also involved in the organisation of two networking sessions devoted to
"International cooperation on Future Internet" and to "Internet Science". Should
you attend the event, please come and visit our stand and attend these sessions!

Registration for the PARADISO workshop of Nov. 23 is open

*	The 2010 PARADISO workshop will be held at the European Commission, in
Brussels, on November 23 on the theme "Understanding the interaction between
Internet and societal developments". It will include three plenary sessions:
"Exploring the future of our societies", "Exploring the Future Internet", and
"How could the Future Internet be better suited to our future?". Keynote
speakers from all over the world will contribute to the workshop. The agenda to
date is available online (http://www.paradiso-fp7.eu). Registration for the
event is free of charge but compulsory and has to be made online. Due to the
limited capacity of the venue, it is recommended to register as soon as
possible. Applications will be handled on a first come, first served basis.

Join the PARADISO community LinkedIn group

*	If you have not yet joined this recently launched group
<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3252823> &gid=3252823
<http://www.linkedin.com/groups?mostPopular=&gid=3252823> &gid=3252823> ) please
do so. Over 100 members have already joined it and initiated quite interesting

The PARADISO Foundation has been created

*	The PARADISO Foundation (http://www.the-paradiso-foundation.org) has
been founded on Sept. 1, 2010 in Brussels, as a "private foundation" under the
Belgian law, by the same stakeholders who have been developing the PARADISO
initiative since the first half of 2007. The rationale is to provide the
initiative with a more sustainable framework, beyond the one of EU-funded
projects thanks to which most PARADISO activities have been undertaken so far.
Among planned activities: open events, research, publications, support for
innovative projects and initiatives. Roger Torrenti, CEO of Sigma Orionis,
coordinator of the ongoing EU-funded PARADISO2 project, is the Managing Director
of the Foundation. To support the Foundation or for further information, please
contact us at info at the-paradiso-foundation.org.

PARADISO messages from visionary people and leading experts

*	An increasing number of visionary people and leading experts are kindly
accepting the request from the PARADISO partnership to deliver video messages
concerning the future of our societies, foreseen technological developments, and
the interaction between them. Several such messages have just been added to the
Video channel section of the PARADISO web site
(http://paradiso-fp7.eu/resources/video-channel/), from Pranab Bardhan
(Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley), Mario
Campolargo (Director, Emerging Technologies and Infrastructures, DG Infso,
European Commission), Susan George (Political scientist and writer), Helga
Nowotny (President of the European Research Council), Michael Oborne (Director
of the International Futures programme of the OECD), Roberto Saracco (Director
of Telecom Italia Future Center), Jakob von Uexkuell (Founder of the World
Future Council), etc. We can only recommend to those interested by the issues
addressed by PARADISO to take time to watch these videos and carefully listen to
these messages.

International cooperation in the field of Future Internet

*	Designing the Internet for the future is obviously not only a challenge
for Europe but for the other regions of the world. International cooperation has
thus to be encouraged in order to more efficiently address this global
challenge. This is why PARADISO has warmly welcomed the initiative of the
European Commission to launch a focused activity targeting the strengthening of
this cooperation, starting with a Networking session at the ICT 2010 event (on
Sept. 29, at 14:00, in room 1103C), which PARADISO has been preparing in liaison
with the other EU-funded support actions addressing Future Internet and having
an international dimension.

For any questions you may have or information you may need, please visit
http://www.paradiso-fp7.eu or contact info at paradiso-fp7.eu

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