[bc-gnso] Draft Letter to Board on Bundled TLD Applications

Ron Andruff randruff at rnapartners.com
Thu Apr 28 18:11:58 UTC 2011

Dear colleagues,


Fellow BC member, Andrew Mack, and I have developed a draft letter to the
ICANN Board of Directors on the topic of offering bundled new gTLD
applications with packaged pricing for IDN scripts.  Defined, 'Bundling' is
new gTLD applicants having the ability to include 'Clones' (defined as
alternate scripts or language versions of a singular string) in their
primary (IDN or ASCII independent) string application.   'Packaged Pricing'
is any instance where an applicant receives a discount when applying for one
or more clones with their singular application.   


Our hope is that the BC, with welcomed member input to finalize the draft,
will become one of the signatories, along with other ICANN constituencies,
stakeholder groups and supporting organizations.


As time is short (the public comment period ends on 15 May 2011, followed by
a GAC-Board teleconference five days later on 20 May 2011) we would kindly
ask BC members to weigh in with your comments and support (or not) within
the coming 7-day period (Thursday, May 5th).  I accede to Steve or Marilyn
on the process for the BC to become a signatory to the letter.


On behalf of Andrew and myself, thank you in advance for your consideration.


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

RNA Partners, Inc.




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