[bc-gnso] Input needed from all members

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David and I also support focusing on new gTLDs. Thank you. 

Janet O'Callaghan
News Corporation

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Subject: RE: [bc-gnso] Input needed from all members

Given the priorities at this moment and the limited time the CSG will
have with the Board, I support the approach of focusing on new gTLDs and
the AoC.
The SSR topics can be taken up at the June meeting, and in informal
discussions in SF.

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I would support new gTLDs as the main topic
AoC as a strong second

But restrict it to these two.

I understand that the other CSG members are currently looking at new
gTLDs as the main topic and I too would support this notion.

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The Board and CSG interaction we are working toward and which is
tentative for Tuesday for one hour allows the CSG to propose three

 Your excomm needs input from BC membership.

I have heard from some members: ideas are

AoC I implications for business users 
Security, Stability and resiliency from Bs user perspective 
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