[bc-gnso] Proposed BC comment on ICANN proposed budget for 2012

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I am not in support of making the Global DNS SSR Symposium a priority, without detail and funding and who it addresses. 
It does NOT have bottom up input and is another top down proposal, at this point.  So, I would put it last at this point and explain again that detail is needed and we must ask whenthat detail will be provided. 
WHOIS Studies needs to stay at the top /maybe #2. That is essential, I think, since we will have to drive our support of these studies through this process, since the GNSO Council isn't likely to get its act together.  If we knew what the amounts are, we might be able to actually prioritize...AS it is, I agree that the AoC reviews and implementation should be #1.  

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i'd bump a few of the projects higher in the list;
- AOC reviews and implementation
- DNS measurement and metrics
- Global DNS SSR Symposium
- Security Program Certifications

On Mar 25, 2011, at 9:10 AM, Chris Chaplow wrote:To Mikey, Thanks for the suggestion, I will incorporate into the document. To All members, In my submission is the list of ten projects that are published in the framework   (total cost 11.1m$ or about 20%)Although some are obvious, there is no detail or references in the framework as to what exactly these project are.I want to order them in BC member priority,  so have made a first attempt below.    Any suggestions?.    •WHOIS Studies •SLA Monitoring System Development •DNSSEC Deployment and Training •IANA Business Excellence •Global DNS SSR Symposium •Security Program Certifications •Affirmation of Commitments reviews and Recommendations Implementation •IDN Variant •New gTLD project •DNS Measurement & Metrics  ---end---   Chris Chaplow
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