[bc-gnso] Policy calendar for 10-Nov-2011 BC member call

Steve DelBianco sdelbianco at netchoice.org
Thu Nov 10 01:59:21 UTC 2011

Here is the latest BC policy calendar, for use during 10-Nov-2011 BC member call.
Channel 1. BC participation in ICANN Public Comment process:
ICANN Public Comment page is at http://www.icann.org/en/public-comment/

1. Case studies on TLD variant issues for six IDN scripts   (14-Nov)

2. Draft 2012-2015 Strategic Plan    (17-Nov)

3. Draft final report on Internationalized Registration Data   (17-Nov)

4. Framework for consent in delegation and re-delegation of ccTLDs     (1-Dec)

5. Registries' proposal for Continued Operations Fund in new gTLD program    (2-Dec)

6. Revision to ICANN Bylaws to adopt new GNSO policy development process (5-Dec)

7. IDN ccNSO WG draft final report on adding IDN ccTLDs to ccNSO    (15-Dec)

8. Final report on Support for gTLD Applicants from developing economies  (16-Dec)

9. .Asia proposal for 1 and 2-character domain allocations      (16-Dec)

10. Recommendations to modify Geographic Regions   (19-Dec)

Note: BC members are encouraged to submit individual / company comments.  Based on member interest, the BC selects topics on which to submit official positions.
Channel 2. Support for discussion and votes of our representatives on GNSO Council
GNSO Project Status available at https://www.icann.org/en/processes/gnso/current-issues.html
Agenda<https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocouncilmeetings/agenda+17+November+2011> and motions<https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocouncilmeetings/Motions+17+November+2011> for 17-Nov GNSO Council teleconference.

Item 3: Motion 1 to approve Charter for Outreach Task Force.  (deferred from Dakar).
Marilyn has proposed a substitute motion (attached)

Item 4: UDRP
Motion 2 from Mary Wong, to begin a PDP on the UDRP and create a Working Group on UDRP review.

alt. Motion 3 from Jeff Neuman to begin a PDP on IRTP recc 7 (domain locks), and to request an issues report on UDRP and URS no later than 18 months after delegation of first new gTLD.

Item 5: report of drafting team on Open Council Meetings  (John Berard)

Item 6: Discuss Dakar Board resolution<http://www.icann.org/en/minutes/resolutions-28oct11-en.htm#7> on amending the RAA, incl:

Resolved, the ICANN Board directs negotiations to commence immediately, resulting in proposed amendments to be provided for consideration at ICANN's meeting in Costa Rica in March 2012.

Resolved,, the subject of the negotiations should include law enforcement and GNSO working group recommendations as well as other topics that would advance the twin goals of registrant protection and DNS stability.

Resolved, the Board also requests the creation of an Issue Report to undertake a GNSO policy development process (PDP) as quickly as possible to address remaining items suited for a PDP.

Item 7: discuss Best Practices to address abusive domain registrations (paper<http://gnso.icann.org/issues/rap/discussion-paper-rap-best-practices-28sep11-en.pdf>)

Item 8: discuss cross-TLD registration scam and domain kiting

Channel 3. Supporting discussion and voting on policy matters before the Commercial Stakeholders Group (CSG)
Ron Andruff, CSG Liaison, and Marilyn Cade (alt)

Channel 4. BC statements and responses during public meetings (outreach events, public forum, etc.)
Affirmation review team for Whois   (Susan Kawaguchi, Lynn Goodendorf, Bill Smith)
Affirmation review team for SSR  (Security, Stability, & Reslience)    (Jeff Brueggeman)

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