[bc-gnso] for expedited review: BC comment on draft report of SSR Review Team

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RNA Partners supports the draft.  Thanks to all who prepared and contributed
to it.


Kind regards,




Ronald N. Andruff

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Subject: [bc-gnso] for expedited review: BC comment on draft report of SSR
Review Team


ICANN has an open public comment on the draft report from the review team
looking at Security, Stability and Resiliency of the DNS (SSR-RT).   The
comment period and documents are described here
m> .


Marilyn Cade has drafted BC comments, with help from Jeff Brueggeman (who is
on the SSR review team), and from Scott McCormick and Angie Graves.   Steve
DelBianco edited this draft.  (attached)


Initial comments were due 16-April and reply comments are due 7-May.     We
are requesting an expedited review so that our initial comments can be filed
soon after the 16-April due date for initial comments.


If any BC member objects to the BC filing the attached draft comment, please
REPLY ALL and indicate your objection and reason.   If any member objections
are noted before 20-April, we will extend the review period.   


If no objections are noted we will post the attached draft to ICANN on


Thanks again to Marilyn Cade for taking the lead on this draft.


Note: When we submit these comments, we will once again point out that
ICANN's new bifurcated comment process does not allow enough time for
initial comments: 


These are initial comments of the BC on this draft report, which we

filing during the portion of comment period designated for reply comments.

While the BC supports a two-part comment period, we are finding that the

time for initial comments should be lengthened.


In addition, we believe that comment periods should be extended whenever

an ICANN public meeting occurs during the comment period.  Public meetings

require intense participation for several a days, leaving little time to

prepare public comments.  A simple solution would be to add 7 days to any

public comment period that includes dates of an ICANN public meeting.



Steve DelBianco

vice chair for policy coordination, BC

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