[bc-gnso] Topics for Toronto Session for 'cross community' discussions/sessions

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 14 16:35:50 UTC 2012

Dear BC members 
Please note the following preliminary list of topics for sessions during Toronto which are intended to be of interest to multiple groups in the ICANN community. This list is posted on the Toronto meeting website (Draft 45th ICANN Meeting (Toronto) Topic Sessions & Facilitative Documents Schedule).  I am advised that it has been sent already to the  Board's Public Participation Committee  (PPC)  and  ICANN staff last week.  
The Chairs are invited to provide comments/feedback. Can you share your thoughts on priorities, and what is missing as far as 'cross community' interactions?
Thoughts: Prague was filled with conflicts of various ICANN governance meetings -- much worse than in previous meetings -- and we struggled, as did others to manage around all the important sessions we needed to have participants in, as well as undertaking BC and GNSO business. 
If you look back at the Week end sessions over the last few ICANN sessions for the  GNSO Council's working week end session, you will see that staff re new gTLD program seem to show up for briefings there, then again and again in multiple sessions scattered throughout the early part of the week. This  adds to the burden on staff and also adds to disparate input to staff from different groups. 
Please provide any comments or suggestions to the full BC-GNSO list so that we can help to inform staff on the BC's perspectives on priorities for topics for the Toronto meeting. 

Marilyn Cade, BC Chair 		 	   		  
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