[bc-gnso] mCADE comments on the Improvements to new gTLD expansion plan

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Thanks for the reminder.  I've also been late in responding, but see our responses attached.


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Dear BC colleagues

I am attaching my individual responses to the BC position on Implementation Improvements to ICANN's gTLD expansion plan.
While it was not technically prohibited for me to participate actively in policy development in my personal and individual capacity, I limited my personal and individual participation during the voting period for officers. As that period is closed,even though the results will be confirmed by the Voting Officer and Returning Officers tomorrow, I feel comfortable in participating in the discussion in my individual capacity.

I apologize, though, for the lateness of my response which thus resulted as it limited the opportunity for dialogue on the list.  These are my personal and individual views, as a BC member. I hope other members will post their views using the excellent format that was designed by our Vice Chair, Policy Coordination. There was a lot of email on the list since mid December, and I did try to reread it all to inform my understanding of all postings that are related.  While that documented input from a few posters, this format seems an excellent approach to documenting and being able to then see comments in a single standardized 'approach'.

Kudos, Steve, for that 'improvement', which I personally, as a member found extremely helpful. I also wanted to thank you for the huge amount of work you did to document the existing positions! It was helpful to me in considering what the BC had previously confirmed as a position. BUT, I do recognize how much work it was for you, so wanted to say thanks.

Marilyn Cade
mCADE llc
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