[bc-gnso] Bloomberg / BNA story on ICANN's latest Applicant Guidebook

Mike Roberts mmr at darwin.ptvy.ca.us
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Steve - Great statement.

I've said for some time that the purported benefits did not equal the tangible, much less intangible, costs.

I'm prepared to be proved wrong, and hope I am.

- Mike

On Jan 13, 2012, at 11:02 AM, Steve DelBianco wrote:

> The attached article came out today.   NetChoice quotes are consistent with what BC has said about respecting Governments & GAC and concerns over lowering technical requirements for "needy" applicants.
> And below is NetChoice statement on opening of the application window, which was picked up in Ziff Davis PC Mag, and Yahoo News:
>> The Proof is in the Pudding for ICANN’s Domain Expansion
>> The plan to create new Internet domains could and should benefit Internet users and businesses, particularly those around the world who write in alphabets other than Latin. But ensuring that the benefits outweigh potential harms will depend entirely on what the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) does next.
>> “Today is a big day, but not nearly as big as what happens three months from now when ICANN starts selecting which domains to approve, and how to implement critical protections for users and businesses,” DelBianco said. “Even as it moves forward, ICANN must ensure that these new Internet domains are held to the highest possible standards of performance and integrity, so that users and registrants can realize the promised results.”
>> NetChoice, an active participant in ICANN’s Business Constituency, believes that this expansion plan should proceed, but has urged ICANN to continue making improvements – even after the application deadline opens – to ensure users are protected.
>> “ICANN has a great opportunity to prove wrong those critics who want to see this program scuttled or permanently delayed. But that will only happen if the organization remembers that protecting Internet users – and the Internet itself – is its top priority.”
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