[bc-gnso] Policy calendar for 10-May-2012 BC member call

Steve DelBianco sdelbianco at netchoice.org
Thu May 10 15:23:14 UTC 2012

Here is the latest BC policy calendar, for use during our 10-May-2012 member call.

Channel 1. BC participation in ICANN Public Comment process:

ICANN Public Comment page is here<http://www.icann.org/en/news/public-comment>

1. Draft Advice on definitions & targets for Consumer Trust, Choice, and Competition in new gTLDs  (comments close 8-May)  (link to advice<http://gnso.icann.org/drafts/cctc-draft-advice-letter-22feb12-en.pdf> )
See comment<http://forum.icann.org/lists/cctc-draft-advice-letter/msg00009.html> by BC member Anjali Hansen, Better Business Bureau.
John Berard and Steve DelBianco are on this WG.

2. Security, Stability & Resiliency Review Team (SSR RT) - Draft   (comments close 14-May)
See BC comments<http://forum.icann.org/lists/ssrt-draft-report/msg00008.html> already submitted.
Jeff Brueggeman is on the WG.

3.  Fake Renewal notices report    (comments close 11-May)

4.  .com Registry Agreement Renewal    (comments close 17-May)
See comments<http://forum.icann.org/lists/com-renewal/> by BC members Phil Corwin, Chris Chaplow, Ron Andruff, Marilyn Cade, Elisa Cooper.

5. Review of IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process  (comments close 21-May)

6. .post agreement amendment   (comments close 30-May)
Former board member Steve Goldstein commented on "com.post?"

7. Draft FY2013 Operating Plan and Budget  (initial comments close 24-May)
Chris Chaplow drafting BC comments

8. IDN Variant TLDs - revised program plan  (initial comments close 25-May)

Note: BC members are encouraged to submit individual / company comments.  The BC selects topics on which to submit official positions based on member interest.

Channel 2. Support for discussion and votes of our representatives on GNSO Council
John Berard and Zahid Jamil, BC Councilors

Recap yesterday's GNSO Council teleconference on 10-May-2012   (Agenda<http://gnso.icann.org/meetings/agenda-council-10may12-en.htm>)   (Motions<https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocouncilmeetings/Motions+10+May+2012>)

Item: Zahid's motion to create a drafting team to develop the charters for two Working Groups on the Creation of non-binding Best Practices to help Registrars and Registries address the Abusive Registrations of Domain Names.

GNSO Project Status available here<http://gnso.icann.org/meetings/pending-projects-list.pdf>

Channel 3. Supporting discussion and voting on policy matters before the Commercial Stakeholders Group (CSG)
Elisa Cooper, CSG Liaison, and Marilyn Cade (alternate)

Channel 4. BC statements and responses during public meetings (outreach events, public forum, etc.)

Affirmation review team for Whois   (Susan Kawaguchi, Lynn Goodendorf, Bill Smith)

Affirmation review team for SSR  (Security, Stability, & Resilience)    (Jeff Brueggeman)

Remaining implementation work for gTLD expansion plan, incl BC requests for specific improvements (here<http://forum.icann.org/lists/newgtlds-defensive-applications/msg00022.html>)
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