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I have been rather busy so my apologizes for what may seem like a stupid
question, but how did the ExeComm just appoint the Nominating Committee
representatives.  The relevant portion from the BC is states in relevant
part "[t]he Executive Committee will . confirm appointments or establish
elections for the BC delegates to the Nominating Committee"


Now if there were just two nominations I have no problem with the ExeComm
appointing these individuals, but when there are three candidates for two
slots I think the charter anticipates there being an election?


Any help in explain the process and its consistency with the Charter would
be much appreciated.


Best regards,






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Dear BC Members


The Nominating Committee for ICANN will be convening in Toronto for the 2013
Nominating Committee (NC) process. The work of the NomComm will be

time consuming this year, due to the high number of important appointments
-- 3 Board members and 2 Councilors to GNSO Council, plus additional ccNSO
and ALAC appointees.


The ExeComm has conducted a process to determine the two BC representatives
to the 2013 NC. We invited self nomination from members who proposed to
assume these important

and very time consuming roles for the BC.  The ability to fully commit to
the online and face to face meeting work of the NC is a high demand on time
of our representatives. 


We were pleased to have 3 self nominees, and the ExComm considered all three
nominees with full appreciation that all bring considerable 

strengths and different aspects of BC expertise and understanding, but also
each volunteer brings strengths in interaction within ICANN, and external to
ICANN, especially

in regard to networks that access leaders from developing countries. We took
into account the unusually high demands of workload for NC members, 

due to the number of appointments to be made.  


The ExComm has made appointments of two BC representatives to the NomCom. 


For 2013, the BC will be represented by :


Waudo Siganga, WITSA: WITSA has a strong and diverse network with over 80
associations; the majority of which are from developing countries.  Waudo is
an experienced

participant in the NomCom for the BC, and we appreciate that he has accepted
a second term for 2013.  We ask Waudo to carry the responsibility for small
and medium enterprizes views,

and to ensure that there is broad outreach into developing and emerging
economies, with a special focus on awareness about ICANN and the NC.  He
will carry the Small Business designation to ensure that there is
recognition of the concerns of small businesses, whether represented by
associations, or independently and will collaborate closely with our second
representative. Waudo is the senior executive in the Kenyan Computer
Society; and is on several Boards, including AfriICA, and WITSA. 


Ron Andruff, RNApartners: . Ron will carry the responsibility to represent
large businesses and associations that are focused on large businesses, and
will be available to 

collaborate with BC entities related to encouraging awareness and interest
by such parties, and far beyond for large business and for associations that
specialize in their focus on large/global corporations.  Ron is the past CEO
of .travel; and the current CEO of RNAPartners; in addition, he has held
additional senior leadership positions in business.  


Ron brings an extensive network within ICANN's structure, and externally
with business. Ron has carried several key collaborative leadership roles
for the BC as a volunteer, including steering roles within the last GNSO
restructuring; playing a leadership role in Charter redrafting.  He also
carries an additional role within the BC in the STI in the GNSO, where he
has demonstrated strong skills of leadership, involvement, and leadership
within challenging situations, and has build strong relationships which may
be leveraged toward collaboration within the NC.  


2013 is a unique challenge for the BC, and the ExComm took all of the
challenges that we face to ensure effectiveness within ICANN into account,
as well as our other work demands on our members.  All candidates brought
skills, and capabilities to this appointment, and we once again thank all
who submitted their interest statements.  I do want, as Chair to note that
while the 

NC is important to ICANN and to the BC, many other issues are vitally
important to the BC, and we must be effective on all fronts.  The work load
that we will carry as the BC going forward

are considerable, and you will see other emails from me, as Chair, with
support of the ExCom, asking for more engagement by our BC members on many
other fronts of work at ICANN. 



Time commitments for our NC Reps:  The importance of full commitment to
attending and fully participating in the NomCom is a significant commitment.
That means that our BC reps 

have to be absent to us, and often to their daily job demands during the
NomCom meetings. This is a high bar for our representatives, and we ask that
all BC members show their 

support to our two representatives to 2013, who will be with us in Toronto,
and will be joining the 2013 Nominating Committee on our behalf. 



2013 appointments/selections that the 2013 Nominating Committee will be
responsible for: 

3 Board members

2 GNSO Council Appointments, including who of these appointees gets to hold
voting seats on the GNSO policy Council

CCNSO appointments

ALAC appointments


I am separately circulating a long list of reports and documents that
support the work of the Nominating Committee. I know that many of you are
strongly interested in the NC work, so am posting it to the full BC list,
but the Secretariat will also put the links on the BC WIKI, for later and
further reference. [See separate email]. 


Marilyn Cade, BC Chair

On behalf of the BC ExComm



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